The final 3 are thrown right into the finale challenge after last week’s voting. The theme this round is knights, with a coat of arms as inspiration they must create a knight of darkness and a knight of light. They will have the help of one contestant voted off this season and one winning Face Off veteran. Their knights must joist and battle on stage in the finale stage show.

The Assignments

Dina– Stella & Rachael (Season 3 Champion) – Octopus Coat of Arms

CigРSasha & Rashaad (Season 6 Champion)  РGargoyle Coat of Arms

DrewРGeorge &  Rayce (Season 2 Champion)- Stag Coat of Arms

Day one

With the help of their team members, the finalists get to sketching their knights. Off to a running start, everyone is optimistic and work well together. All 3 teams go with a zombie theme in one way or another for their dark knights.

Dina decides that she wants a hand in every piece of her characters. She puts her cake piping skills to work making star fish armor, and it adds a fantastic touch of realism. When Michael Westmore comes, he tells Dina that she needs to incorporate the octopus more into her characters. She becomes worried, having to rethink her concept, but Rachael comes to the rescue in suggesting an octopus at the base of the bad knights skull; controlling him.

Drew lets Rayce do the sculpt for his dark knight, and George volunteers to do all the molding, making his team run like a well oiled machine.

Day Two

Cig decides to start his light knight over, taking a big risk in making him a human face piece. Everyone scrambles to keep their pieces on track. Dina worries that they wont get their molds finished that day, but George and Rayce come and help.

Day Three

Cig has Rashaad work on the armor for his knights, and Sasha works on sculpting accepts for the life knight. He is behind, still having molding to do.

Drew worries about Rayce’s concepts for painting his death knight. Worried that the flesh is too dark. He eventually is convinced, and lets Rayce work his magic.

When they return to their residence at the end of the day, they are met by their families. A welcome boost for everyone.

Application Day

They are on location at an equestrian center for the finale stage show. It’s a hectic scene as everyone works on getting the finale touches on their knights. Cig spends extra time on his light knight, since his light knight has no facial prosthetics. It’s a but risk.

Dina has trouble with her adhesives, which wont stick. She is forced to use twine and seaweed to hide the edges. Drew realizes that he made a mistake and used the wrong color painting his armor, and has to race to finish it the right way.

Everyone looks tense as time is called.


The tournament arena is packed, and everyone is excited for the show to begin. The contestants cheer as they watch their knights joist and battle, and hope that their costumes hold together. It is definitely one of the most rigorous tests any finalist’s make up has been through.

Stomachs are in knots as the Judges take a closer look after the battle is through. The Judges are impressed by all of their work. All of the makeup survived the fight.

Season 7 Finale Winner: Dina

I thought that Rayce’s work on Drew’s characters being what was pointed out by the Judges as strong points was very telling. Drew’s light knight’s facial sculpt was good, but the rest of it was understated. The other contestant’s amount of work and risks taken made them clearly better choices from the viewers stand point. Cig and Dina are both incredible artists, but I agree with the Judges, Dina has been consistent through out and deserved to win. It’s the first season though that I am sad that there couldn’t be 2 winners.