Jax meets with Chibs up on the roof top of their water-front porn studio, and talks about how he’s in over his head with Marks, having completely underestimated him. Later, they meet up with the leader of the Niners, who said he’d never seen Marks get so angry as when he handed him the photo & statement. He reassured Jax that his boys are out looking for Bobby. Afterwards, the guys meet up with a private eye who’s dug up information on the guy whose body disappeared after the Sons killed him and his friend and planted the heroin. Apparently, he knows some people who are underground militia type, and own a compound up in the hills. The Sons head up, and we find out that the guy was actually the son of Jury, the president of the Indian Hills Chapter. As expected, Jax meets up with him, where Jury says that he wanted Jax dead, but isn’t a rat. He also told him that his belief is that John Teller killed himself, because of what his life had become with the club. Jax doesn’t take this lightly, and ends up killing him.

The leader of Marks’ security team comes in to where Bobby is being held and tells him that all of this isn’t personal, that they’re soldiers in a war. Bobby laughs, and says they’re all just thugs, there’s nothing special about’em. The guy tells Bobby if he just tells them where the Preacher is buried, then it’ll save a lot of blood shed. Bobby just laughs and refuses. Later, the guys come back to collect his hand, however before they do so they get a call from Jax saying he’ll give up the information. Unfortunately for everyone, the guys still cut off pieces of Bobby’s left hand and have it delivered to the guys.

While Gemma is tending to the mother going through withdrawls, she gets a call from Abel’s school, as he apparently attacked a kid with a lunch pail. Once they get home however, Gemma finds her birds killed, and a message written on the wall of the boys’ room that says “No Son Is Safe.” Later, Nero tells Wendy about the farm, and says he’d love it if her and the boys came along with him and Gemma. She says that Gem, nor Jax, will allow the boys to leave, to which Nero says after today, how could they not?

As for things with Juice, he says he has information on the Chinese who killed Tara. Wayne is talking with the Sheriff and figures out what the Sons are doing with Juice, and why he wants to be in Gen Pop so bad. It’s still up in the air if the Sheriff is going to go along with this.


Summary: A bit of a slower episode than the last few, as it appears they’re saving all the big moments for the last few episodes. Jax has completely become a character I no longer root for at all, and honestly feel at this point he’s probably going to commit suicide just like his old man. Once he realizes all he’s done is because of Gemma’s lies, I sincerely doubt he’ll be able to live with the guilt.