Welcome to this week’s Renegade Weekend Box Office Wrap Up. From here out, this column will hit live every Monday morning with the final box office numbers for the weekend and a look at what rose and what failed at the theaters over the weekend.

The horror movie Ouija came into the weekend with a lot against it, including being the latest film based on a board game. However, thanks to the fact that it is Halloween, it was able to scare up enough movie goers to win the weekend box office race and knock off fellow newcomer John Wick.

With five days left, October 2014 is the highest grossing October ever in cinema history, which has to be great news for studios after a slower year. The $20 million for Ouija makes the flick the second highest opening weekend this year for a horror movie behind Annabelle ($37.1m), which it helped knock out of the Top 10. However, with poor word-of-mouth, it likely won’t have legs past next weekend.

John Wick, on the other hand, has gotten pretty solid word-of-mouth, so its lower $14.1 million opening box office weekend might be a good start to a run over the next month. It opened much smaller than The Equalizer, which finally dropped out of the Top 10 this weekend, but it opened higher than A Walk Among the Tombstones and was pretty equal to The Expendables 3.

St. Vincent also expanded nationally this weekend. The Bill Murray movie has been out in limited release for two weeks and made $8 million after spreading nationwide. Gone Girl dropped from second to fourth, but will soon surpass The Curious Case of Benjamin Button to become David Fincher’s highest grossing movie ever.

Here is a look at the total weekend box office report.

Weekend Box Office

Position Title Weekend Total
1 Ouija $20.0M $20.0M
2 John Wick $14.1 $14.1
3 Fury (1) $13.0 $46.0
4 Gone Girl (2) $11.1 $124.0
5 The Book of Life (3) $9.8 $29.9
6 St. Vincent (15) $8.0 $9.1
7 Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (4) $7.0 $45.5
8 The Best of Me (5) $4.7 $17.6
9 The Judge (7) $4.3 $34.3
10 Dracula Untold (6) $4.3 $48.3

Weekend box office estimates courtesy of Box Office Mojo