Is this going to end like the Sopranos, going to a black screen as Nucky is swimming into the deep part of the ocean signifying killing Nucky without “killing Nucky”?

Eldorado starts out with Nucky swimming into the Atlantic Ocean.

In our first Flashback we have Nucky talking to the Commodore. The Commodore tells him “It’s what you leave Behind”. In asking what is the purpose in all that Nucky does. This was also Nucky’s answer to Kennedy in “What Jesus said”. When Kennedy asked why Nucky wanted in on the deal so bad? Nucky told Kennedy that “He wanted to leave something behind.”

Speaking of Kennedy 

The Mayflower Board of Directors are panicking over the upcoming elections, thus prohibition repeal. Kennedy wants 24 hours to figure this out he feels that the tides are turning. Kennedy goes to see Margaret at her firm. She convinces him to short the stock. Then buy back at the lower price covering the short and making him an assload of money while possible taking over Mayflower himself pending on the backback. (Margaret doesn’t mention the takeover part but it’s possible).

Charlie seems nervous about the big meeting. Siegel still wants their little problem dealt with. Charlie wants two shooters in public to make a statement. Lansky wants this done perfect no misses, no mistakes.

A futurist woman greats Nucky on the Boardwalk, he wants him to get a glimpse of the future. Hesitantly, Nucky goes inside of the woman booth, which is not the best idea when you just been made a marked man. But it’s was 15 seconds ago and news travels slow in those days.

The father of Modern Organized Crime

Charlie meets with the families with Lansky and Siegel by his side. Charles establish the new commission. He tells them that there will be no singular boss but seven bosses, families, running on their own territory. They will befriend the Jewish and Irish because it is best served that everyones pocket stay fat because the opportunities are limitless. No one will be made unless voted on by the seven families unanimously. They will all seattle there differences in New York before things get out of control. This is Charlies new way. The old ways of racism and one supreme leader is out. This is all a welcoming notion to the families.

Two shooters out in public to let everyone know

This was not directed at Nucky as most thought. They can’t kill Nucky. Two men approach Narcisse leaving a crowded church giving his last words of wisdom after a sermon. Two men gun him down and his bodyguard. One of the men shoots Narcisse again in the head fulfilling Lansky’s wish.

Tying up all the loose ends


Nucky visits Eli at his shack. Nucky tells Eli that he won’t see him again. Nucky leaves a bag of money filled with hundreds for Eli. There is also a razor and shaving cream.


Nucky visits Gillian in jail. He tells her that there is nothing that he can do for her now. Gillian sits in silence. Nucky tells her not to contact him anymore. He cuts off ties with her while sets her up with money for the future if she ever gets out. Gillian’s silence is deafening. Nucky preaches in almost a begging manner wanting to know what does she want from him. Nucky admits that he will not beg. He realizes that he has done this one too many times morally and physically this season. Knowing that all of the crimes he has committed against Gillian no amount of pleading can men her wounds. Gillian (while looking at a ladybug on her hand) says they are called ladybugs, but how do you know which one is a lady? As the ladybug flies away. Gillian tells Nucky that there is still graciousness in the world. Their time is up.


In only Al Capone style he arrives at the courthouse in a fancy car and dressed to the 9’s. He smokes his cigar, exits the car then puts on the normal Al Capone criminal celebrity show.

Full Circle

Nucky goes back to the Old rumpus to pick up some papers. Charlie’s crew tells him not to stay long because the boss wouldn’t like it. While in his old suite the phone rings. Nucky answers, he gets a call about someone being in held in jail. Nucky goes to get the boy out of jail. Nucky walks with him on the boardwalk. Upon trying to give the kid money, the kid rips it up in his face. Nucky places down pocket change and tells the kid good luck.

Flashbacks intertwined with present day

A young Nucky spots Gillian in a parade on the boardwalk. He gets summoned by the Commodore. The Commodore essentially fires Nucky, feeling that he is not worthy. He also thinks that Nucky feels that he is owed something because he work hard for it. While Nucky walks back to Gillian. Whitlock approaches Nucky to request his services of “preparing a young girl for the Commodore” this task is for the sheriff. Whitlock hands Nucky a badge. Nucky goes back to Gillian and tells her, with tears in his eyes realizing the moral sin he is about to commit, that there is a rich man that can help them both. He asks if Gillian would she like to meet him? He promises to protect Gillian.


While walking down the boardwalk, the kid approaches Nucky again. He tells him that she always talked about you (Nucky). The kid didn’t know if it was good or bad. Nucky doesn’t appear to actually know this gentleman (at least by name). Nucky handled every problem like this. He has always just throw money at it. Nucky even admits “It’s the only answers he has”. Nucky is lost within all of the faces he has done this to throughout the years, as Nucky brings up the fact that he gave this kid a thousand dollars sometime ago.

Nucky more focused on the two creepy men down the boardwalk. He isn’t paying attention to “the kid” as he refers to. Nucky asks the kid his name. The kid replies “Tommy Darmody” then proceeds to shoot Nucky. Nucky reaches out his hand Flashback to young Gillian reaching her hand out to Nucky. In a sense of all everything comes around in one form of another. Tommy is hauled off by the police.

End scene

A very Young Nucky swimming in the ocean reaching out for that coin. The thing that Nucky has been chasing his entire life.

The last thoughts

Who would have thought in the beginning of this series Charlie would end up on the top of Nucky’s show, except historians?

Whatever Nucky outward position is in AC it is clear that since season 1 has always wanted a family, one of his own. I did forget that Nucky shorted Mayflower. This is one reason why he didn’t give a bloody hell about anything in AC, also this puts him in a subtle partnership with Kennedy, depending on the buyback.

In earlier scene Nucky was preparing to move to Manhattan. The way he danced with Margaret seems as if he wants her with him. Nucky, even after the infidelity loved Margaret and wanted to start fresh. Margaret didn’t want that. I think that she wanted to accomplish things on her own. She even said all she ever did was took when Nucky offered.

In the end I am more shocked that the writers had the gall to bump Nucky off. The show tries in their own little way to keep history correct while building the storyline. I am not surprised the way it was done. I was not at all surprised that Tommy was the triggerman. There were big rumors that Joe Harper, the kid that Nucky threw out in the last episode and tossed a thousand bucks to was Tommy Darmody.

In closing of all things Boardwalk Empire. I am pleased with the finale. I am still pissed that Chalky didn’t kill Narcisse but that was episodes ago. In the end what did Nucky leave behind? The only thing he ever answered with, money. It truly was the “root of all evil for him”. The death was fitting bringing Jimmy’s death and Gillian’s personal torture on behalf of Nucky to a close.

Shea Whigham and Michael Shannon have done wonderful work since Boardwalk Empire especially Whigham I have loved seeing him in everything including Silver Linings Playbook, Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle. I look forward to seeing more of them on screen. They have made the most out of this platform.

Oh and a series titled “Lucky” based on Charlie Luciano with Vincent Piazza would be great.