The show opened with the Intercontinental Championship match. It was two out of three falls with champion Dolph Ziggler defending his belt against Cesaro. This match was set up because Cesaro beat Ziggler on WWE Monday Night Raw and then Ziggler beat Cesaro on SmackDown. The move of the night saw Ziggler lock in a rear naked choke, but Cesaro climbed up the buckles and then hit a giant superplex. However, in an amazing decision, Ziggler won in two straight falls to retain his title.

Backstage, Triple H, Kane and Stephanie McMahon were talking about the night and Randy Orton showed up and asked where Seth Rollins was. Rollins, on WWE Monday Night Raw, curb stomped Orton after their match. Stephanie told Orton to focus his anger on John Cena tonight and Triple H told Orton that it was just two alpha males and Orton needs to win his title shot tonight. Orton said he will do it their way but if they don’t get Rollins under control, he will.

Nikki Bella vs. Brie Bella is up next and the loser has to be the personal assistant to the winner or quit the WWE. Nikki Bella has become a fantastic heel wrestler since turning on Brie, but Brie is just a really annoying face. Honestly, Brie Bella screaming before making a move is horrible. When she screams “Brie Mode” it is the worst. If Brie was halfway as good as Nikki, it would be a great feud. Brie kicked out of the Rack-Attack and locked in the Yes Lock. Nikki Bella made the ropes and then hit a second Rack Attack for the win. The right person won here.

The tag team championship is up next with The Usos coming out to face off with the champions Goldust and Stardust.

The next match is the first Hell in a Cell match – and yes, John Cena and Randy Orton will wrestle first, allowing Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to close out the show. Perfect decision. This was a fantastic long match. John Cena kicked out of the RKO, being launched through a table and a low blow. He also reversed an Orton RKO through the ring steps and then dodged the punt concussion kick. Orton got out of the STF by rolling outside the ring. Orton even kicked out of the Attitude Adjustment. This might be the best match I have seen between the two. Cena tried a second Attitude Adjustment but Orton turned it into an inverted RKO, which Cena kicked out from. Orton then kicked out of another Attitude Adjustment. Amazing match! Cena brings in another table and the fans are chanting “RKO.” Orton wanted to hit the RKO from the top buckle through the table but Cena reversed it and hit the AA through the table to set up Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena III, proving that Lesnar might not ever fight anyone but Cena on his way to “Wrestlemania 31.”

The United States Championship is up next as The Miz is challenging Sheamus for the title. As always, Damien Mizdow is with The Miz. It was fun that the camera was paying as much attention to Mizdow mimicking Miz and the fans were all chanting “Mizdow’s awesome.” Sheamus actually kicked out of the Skull Crushing Finale. The end came when Miz came off the buckle into a Brogue Kick and Sheamus retained his title. After the match, Mizdow rolled in and laid next to Miz. Sheamus began to mess with Miz and Mizdow did everything Sheamus made Miz do. It was pretty funny.

Backstage, Nikki Bella was starting to make Brie Bella start her assistant work and ended up dumping a shake over her head just to humiliate her.

Up next is the USA vs. Russia match with Big Show taking on Rusev. Holy Cow! Rusev suplexed Big Show! Rusev worked on Big Show’s legs to great effect. Later in the match, Big Show reversed the Accolade into a submission hold of his own but Rusev made the ropes. Mark Henry came out to support Big Show. Rusev actually kicked out of the choke slam. Rusev superkicked Big Show, superkicked Mark Henry when he jumped onto the apron, and then superkicked Big Show two more times before locking in the Accolade. Shockingly, Big Show actually tapped out and Rusev won by submission.

An old school Shield-styled backstage promo with Dean Ambrose as he talks about what he is going to do to Seth Rollins tonight.

The Divas Championship is next with AJ Lee defending her title against Paige, who comes out with Alicia Fox. The fight ended up going outside of the ring and Paige was dropped head first onto the ringside barricade. The referee was up to seven, so Alicia Fox helped slide Paige back into the ring, but AJ was waiting and locked in the Black Widow for the submission victory. After the match, Paige slapped Alicia Fox and said that she hated her.

The main event is next as the Hell in a Cell lowers for the Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose match. Ambrose is in the cell first and starts tossing chairs into the ring. He then immediately goes to the top of the cell with a kendo stick he brought out with him to the ring and waits for Seth Rollins. Rollins comes out with Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. Noble and Mercury told Rollins not to go up there, but Rollins said they he will do what he wants. He then tells Noble and Mercury to go up and get him because they work for him.

The stooges head up and Ambrose starts blasting them with the kendo stick. It was a trap because Seth Rollins was on his way up and jumped Ambrose. Rollins, Noble and Mercury triple teamed him and Rollins told the stooges to throw Ambrose off the cell, but Ambrose fought back. Rollins ran and started scaling down the cell. Ambrose caught him and the two began to battle halfway down and then both men flew off the cell and each went through separate announcer’s tables. That was awesome.

Two stretchers were brought out. Rollins said he couldn’t breathe and was holding his ribs as he was put on a backboard and a neck brace was put on Ambrose. Rollins was halfway up on the stretcher when Ambrose fought his way off his stretcher and chased down Rollins. He threw Rollins off his stretcher, launched him into the cage and the match officially started. Ambrose yelled that Rollins stabbed him in the back and then beat the hell out of him with a chair. Ambrose tried to take a screwdriver to Rollins but Rollins fought him off only to get sent into the cell again.

Ambrose set up a table outside the ring, but it was left for later. Ambrose hit a big suicide dive onto Rollins into the side of the cell. Rollins finally got a back suplex on to a stack of chairs and got the advantage for the first time since the actual match started. He brought in his own table. It backfired because Rollins ended up on the table and Ambrose flew off the buckle with an elbow through the table. Kane showed up outside the cell with a fire extinguisher and that helped Rollins put Ambrose through the table set up earlier.

Rollins hit the curb stomp but Ambrose kicked out. Rollins took the chair to Ambrose. Rollins went for the second curb stomp onto the briefcase. Ambrose nailed Rollins with the briefcase but only got two. Ambrose brought out two cinderblocks. Just as Ambrose backed up to put Rollins through the cinderblocks, the lights went out. Bray Wyatt’s voice was speaking gibberish over the speakers. When the picture came back on, the fans had their lighters out and a lantern was in the middle of the ring shooting up some kind of hologram of Wyatt. Ambrose stepped towards it and Wyatt slid into the ring and speared him. He then hit Sister Abigail’s Kiss and knelt in the ring while Rollins pinned Ambrose. Rollins ran like hell and Ambrose hit one more Sister Abigail’s Kiss and posed as WWE Hell in a Cell ended.