We start off with Juice getting his cut back, then taking off and firing at some police in order to get arrested, so he can get inside and kill Lynn. The guys play dumb when Wayne questions them about Juice once he learns what happened. The club goes to visit the pastor’s wife, and gives them the photos of her husbands body, where they say Mark’s boys burried them. They use it as leverage to keep him from demolishing the church she helped build and loves. It also turns out she’s being blackmailed by a guy who has footage of her husband with some young lads at the lake house, which the boys say they’ll take care of.

Nero shows up and tells Gemma he has plans to sell his share of Diosa to Jax, then buy a farm up north. He wants her and her family to move out there with him. Leave all the badness behind. She’s very reluctant, but he says she should take a few days to think about it. Later, Jax gets a hold of him to find out who the pimp is that’s blackmailing the mother & son. Nero points him out, and thankfully, it’s go time, because I love nothing more than seeing a pimp get torn apart. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go as planned. He gets away, trashing one of their bikes in the process. They get a hold of one of his hookers, and offer her a gig at Diosa, in exchange for where Greensleves is. They find out and get the drop on him,  shooting him in the shoulder, and finding out where the phone is with the pics of the preacher. Jax then half way throws him through a window, making it look like a sloppy suicide.

Happy & Rat head to TM to get Gemma, because that’s where the preacher’s wife & son are headed. When they get to TM, she’s reluctant to go, because she has the feeling they know about Juice, and perhaps Tara. She stops at the house to grab a few things, and ends up giving a confession to the baby, that Abel over hears. Before she leaves, she tells Wendy to tell Nero to meet her at the cabin. Speaking of Nero, he’s currently at Diosa, offering Marcus his share for $300,000. He’s open open to the idea, and says he’ll bring it to the table.  Over at the cabin, Gemma arrives, only to find out everything is OK.

Later, Bobby is driving while enjoying a song and a joint when he’s run off the road, presumably by August Marks’ men.  Later, at the meet where the Sons & Mayans are set to meet up with the man, he doesn’t show up. However, the leader of his security team does, with a package that he says is Marks’ response. Inside is Bobby’s eye, which we know is his because of the included video that shows it being cut out. With that, we get the logo.

Review: Kind of a slow episode, really. It feels like perhaps this season is one episode too long or something, so they crammed in the portion with Greensleeves to kill time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about pimps getting killed, it just seemed like an odd piece to dedicate a good chunk of time to. I have zero idea of what they’re going to do with Able, but it almost seems like they’re going to have him kill Gemma, as he’s becoming a bit of a twisted toddler. I dig the idea of Nero out on the farm, and perhaps when everyone’s cards are on the table and the smoke clears, Wendy will follow suit with the kids and they can all get a fresh start out there. I’ll see you hip cats next week.