Sorcerer’s Apprentice

The episode begins with an old man sweeping. He turns out to be the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. He is guarding something that the Dark Ones have been trying to open. It turns out to be the same box Rumple found in the season premiere. The Apprentice reveals that no one who has given in to the darkness in their heart can ever touch it. Present day, Gold waves his dagger over the box and the sorcerer’s hat appears.

The First Date

This episode marked the episode of Hook and Emma’s first official date. She asks him out and he says she should not have done so because he is old fashioned, but says yes nonetheless if he gets to plan it. Outside, Emma steps in a puddle of water that surrounds her car when there is no water elsewhere. There is only a brief actual Ice Queen sighting later in the episode.

In order to prepare for his date, Hook goes to Gold to demand he attach his hand back by saying that he will tell Belle that she has the fake dark one dagger. Gold warns him that the hand belonged to the pirate he used to be and says there’s no telling what influence it could have.

Emma comes out in her dress for her date and Snow takes her picture. Hook arrives dressed for the 21st century and with a hand. He says she should call him Killian.

Hook and Emma go to a nice restaurant. He offers a drink, but she says she needs to remain sober in case the snow queen shows up. Will Scarlett is at the bar and tries to leave without Emma seeing him, but ends up knocking a water glass onto Emma. Hook grabs him and threatens him if he doesn’t apologize to Emma. Hook is shaken by his restored hand. Later on, he invites her on another date and they share a kiss. He is distracted by his new hand.

Later, Will Scarlett shows up at the library and finds it locked. As he starts to pick the lock Hook shows up. He attacks the guy and he says if he tells anyone about this he will kill him. He looks at his hand again in fear.

Belle calls Emma and tells her there is a man passed out in the library. It is Will. He wakes up in jail and Emma asks him why he was in the library. She asks if it has anything to do with the book he was reading–Alice in Wonderland-and holds the picture he had ripped out of the Red Queen. She asks about his eye as Hook walks in, but Will keeps quiet.

Anna’s Test
Anna has arrived at Rumple’s. She introduces herself as Joan, but he can tell her name isn’t Joan. He knows who she is. She asks if he knows why she is there and he says she wants to know about her parents. They did come to see him, but he won’t share why. He makes a deal with her.

He has her go to the Sorcerer and pour a vile in his tea. She says she will do it, but she ends up throwing it in the fire.

Anna goes back to Rumple and tells him she did what he told her to do. He says what he gave her was the antidote to the potion he gave him yesterday. She admits she did not give it to him and he is now a rat.

Anna rushes back to find the rat, but Rumple is there. She asks why he sent her with the antidote if he wanted the man to be a mouse. She realizes it was a test. Rumple says he needed someone who wasn’t tempted by their inner darkness. She says she has never been tempted by her inner darkness. Rumple says he hopes she likes being locked up for the rest of her life since that was what was stipulated in the contract.

She says she has to get back to Elsa and she grabs the sword and threatens him. He says she can do it, but she won’t. She throws the sword down. Rumple says he knows she thought about killing him. She cries and her tear falls onto the dark blade. He has what needs now to open the box. Anna has the rat fall on Rumple’s hand and bite him so he drops his dagger. She picks it up and demands he tell her what her parents were looking for. He says the sorcerer’s hat can collect powers. She takes the hat and has him take her home. Kristoff and Anna are reunited and she knows what her parents were after.

Hook’s Deal With Gold

Hook goes to Gold and tells him he has to give him back his hook. Gold tells him that if he wants his hook then he must make a deal. Gold wakes Hook at the docks and has a broom lead them to an old friend. They follow the broom and it takes them to the Sorcerer’s apprentice that we saw at the beginning of the episode. Gold has the box and he waves his dagger over it showing he is able to open it. He then sucks the sorcerer’s apprentice inside of it. Gold reattaches the hook and tells Hook that the hand was nothing but a hand and that that was just the real Hook coming out.

Henry And Regina

They worked this week searching for a way to unfreeze Marian. He asks if her troubles have anything to do with Robin saying he still loved her.

Henry tells Regina that Rumple has the information that they need since he changed his future by having a happy ending. He goes to his grandfather and asks if he needs any help around the store. Rumple hands him the magic broom and has Henry sweep the store.