Stefan Returns

This week marks the return of Stefan in Whitmore. He compelled his boss to let him have a few days off and has him bury Ivy.

Stefan meets Elena at Whitmore. They go into an empty room and catch up. She is cool with his new life and new girlfriend. She invites him to the swimming hole party she is putting together and he decides to come when she says he can help convince Caroline that Enzo isn’t friend material.

The Swimming Hole

Elena invites her hospital intern friend Liam and on the drive to the Swimming hole, Elena and Stefan talk up Caroline. Liam assumes they are a couple, but Elena corrects him saying it has been two years since they broke up.

The swimming hole is super crowded and Elena wants to brag about the back flip she can do off the rope into the water. Jeremy is there with Matt and new girl Sarah and Matt’s friend Jay. Elena gathers the old Mystic crowd, Caroline, Tyler and Matt and wants to have fun and offers jell-o shots. Elena later apologizes to Liam for Caroline going awol, but he kisses her instead.

Stefan finds Enzo, but before Stefan can kill him, Enzo saves Stefan from Jay. He was a vampire hunter. Enzo texts Caroline about the problem and she gets there before Stefan can shot Enzo.

Matt finds out that Jay was a vampire hunter when Enzo dumps his body in the back of his truck. Caroline catches up with Stefan in the woods and tries to tell him that killing Enzo won’t bring Ivy back and that if any part of him came back to check on Elena or her he should stay. He walks away and she begins to cry. Elena comes out from behind a tree and hugs Caroline.

Caroline sees that Elena kept a piece of Bonnie’s clothing and hasn’t moved on from that death. She asks Caroline if she had feelings for Stefan which she says she thinks she might have.

Mystic Falls

Earlier at the hole Caroline compelled a girl to get ice for the drinks, but she returns without it. Jeremy figures out that Caroline’s compulsion fades in Mystic Falls. This means that Sarah knows what Elena is.

Jeremy returns to the Mansion and finds Sarah trashed it before she left. Caroline realizes that living so close to Mystic Falls isn’t a great idea with vampire hunters around so she moves back in with Elena.

Enzo goes to the restaurant that he went with Caroline to earlier in the episode. He tries to order pie when Tripp vervains him. Enzo thinks he can fight the vervain, but he gets shot by Stefan. Tripp thanks Stefan and Stefan wants him to make Enzo’s death slow and painful.

Mystic Falls 1994

This week with Bonnie and Damon started with them grocery shopping. They are arguing over who finished the crossword and if someone else is actually there and also about if they have hope to get back to current timeline.

They do point out that it is only 2012 in the show because his car suddenly appeared 18 years in the past in the grocery store parking lot. He now has hope and plans to tell Elena he loves her when they get back and apologize for killing Bonnie.

Damon goes back in to buy liquor when he hears someone eating. His name is Kai and he has been following Damon and Bonnie everywhere. He tells Damon to grab a drink and reveals he wants to kill Damon. He has put vervain in the bourbon for Damon to drink.

He stabs Damon’s hand with wood from the patio furniture section. Damon tries to fight back, but Kai smashes more of the vervain laced bourbon in his face. And then Bonnie shows up. Kai calls her useless as he know she has had no success getting her magic back. But her magic is back and she sets the spilled alcohol on fire. Damon knocks him out and apologizes to Bonnie.

Kai claims that he was never going to kill Damon. It was all a setup to give Bonnie motivation to get her magic back. He knows they need her magic to get out of there.