Tom Hardy’s name sure is coming up a lot in the comic book movie news lately.  On top of the rumors of him being up for Dr. Strange and The Suicide Squad, it now appears he’s being courted for highly anticipated X-Men: Apocalypse.  

Should Hardy agree to do the X-Men movie he would be playing none other than Apocalypse himself.  It hasn’t been made clear yet if he would physically play the character or rather voice the character in the same way Josh Brolin voiced Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy.  Since voice actors for these kinds of roles are often cast just months before the film’s release, I’m inclined to think the former.

As for whether he’s right for the part, I’ve don’t have any objections.  Apocalypse is a very imposing figure and not just any actor can play him.  Say what you will about The Dark Knight Rises and Bane’s ridiculous voice (heaven knows I have) but if there’s one thing Hardy got right in his role as Bane was being intimidating.

Now for the equally important question, would Hardy even have time for this role?  I brought up how busy Hardy has been lately quite recently and this week alone has probably made that worse.  It’s a good problem for an actor to have but that means at some point he’s going to have say no to somebody .

Dr. Strange probably won’t end up being a problem.  While he has been rumored for the part, the same thing can be said for probably about a dozen other actors, half of which are just as qualified as Hardy and without the price tag and scheduling problems to work around.

Suicide Squad is a different story.  According to Collider, Hardy is “close” to signing on for the film which may derail his availability to play Apocalypse.  Warner Brothers hasn’t been specific about who he would play but in all likelihood he would have one of the lead roles as either Deadshot or Captain Boomerang.  Given that both X-Men and Suicide Squad are both currently slated for summer 2016 release dates this makes it highly unlikely he would be able to do both.

Personally, I think his talents would be put to better use in Suicide Squad.  Between Dark Knight Rises, Warrior and even This Means War, Hardy has shown some formidable skills in hand-to-hand combat which is something Suicide Squad  is likely to take advantage of.  On the other hand his would-be role in Apocalypse would basically be that of a god.  While I’m sure Hardy wouldn’t have a problem pulling that off, the characters god-like powers make it unlikely in my opinion that he would use his fists in a fight scene and instead rely on his long list of abilities.

Would Hardy be better in X-Men: Apocalypse or Suicide Squad?  What do you think his role in Suicide Squad would be?  Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.       

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