The final five head to the back lot set of War of the Worlds at Universal Studios to receive the details for the latest Spotlight Challenge. In the rubble of a crashed 747 they find the inspiration to create beautiful fairies called on to heal natural disasters. George is less than enthusiastic at the idea of being required to create a beautiful creature.

The Assignments

  • Dina- Flood
  • Cig- Avalanche
  • Stella- Wild Fire
  • Drew- Oil Spill
  • George- Earth Quake

Day One

The crew sketches and heads back to work. George is derailed almost immediately, when Michael Westmore tells him that his concept will read as gorey, not beautiful. He scraps and starts again, opting for earth tones over the idea of magma beneath the earth’s crust.

Drew spends the day working on an oily concept, then realizes that what he has created will impede the models ability to function, and also opts to start again.

Day Two

Drew decided to focus on his fairies wings, and worry about the rest on application day. It’s a decision that puts him at risk. George uses pool noodles to create branches to comprise his fairies wings.

Stella decides to run her piece in polyfoam, a product she has never used before. She struggles getting all the clay out of her mold, and has to fill the form while wet, which can create air pockets in the finale product.

Day Three

Stella runs in and sees that her cowl is a complete mess, all of the flame points have ripped off. She spends most of the day trying to repair it enough to show on the stage.

Drew decides to apply the oily latex to a dress, instead of applying it directly to the model. He then works with an airbrush and sponge to create the irridescent finish to look like the sheen on top of oil.

Dina uses chocolate syrup and gelatin in her paint to create texture.

In finale looks, the men of the group all seem especially nervous as they prepare for judging







Winner: Cig

Sent Home: Stella

For all their worry, Drew and Cig pulled off really lovely fairies. Stella’s fell short this week, but it was too be expected with how much she needed to repair. I am sad to see her sent home, she is a stronger artist overall than Drew is. I could not agree less with the judges on George’s makeup, it looked like a bad halloween costume. It’s getting down to the wire, and it looks like the final 3 will come down to Drew, Dina and Cig.