We discover that Juice in fact let Gemma go, and she ended up having to hoof it 12 miles to a truck stop diner. While there, she has a chat with Tara, before making friends with a waitress named Gurt. Honestly, the way Gemma has been lately, I was half expecting her to kill Gurt. She calls up Wayne, and he comes to pick her up. Once there, he questions about what happened, to which Gemma lies and says that Juice just flipped out, however, Wayne isn’t buying it. However, now that Lynn is in prison, the DEA are perhaps looking to make a deal with him, but if Gemma tells the cops what she saw, then that’ll be all over. She’s very reluctant to do so, but ends up telling the Sheriff the same story she’s been telling everyone else.

While at the brothel, cleaning up, Nero has a few guests come his way, the Nomads, with Marcus, the President, in tow. He tells Nero that what he did to Lynn was betrayal. Nero explains why he did what he did, and Marcus is unsure how to approach the next move. So, he snags Nero and takes him back to the Mayan’s warehouse, and throws him in a storage closet until they iron out things with the Sons. Meanwhile, Juice has been going around robbing liquor stores, and shows up at the Mayan warehouse with close to $2000, and Gemma’s SUV as an offering, for a safe transport to Mexico. Marcus says that isn’t nearly enough, since he has an APB out on him, so Juice offers up club secrets in return.

The Sons start off the day going through the books at the brothel to see if there’s any outstanding debts. Afterward they meet up with what’s left of the Grim Bastards, and Jax hints at a possible patch-over. Funny, considering Juice’s fear of it being found out his father was black is what started his entire downfall. They meet up with the Aryan Brotherhood, the same ones as before, to explain what happened with the 2 keys of heroin they promised them. Turns out that their boss, currently played by Marilyn Manson, put a lot of favors in motion on the word of those 2 keys. Some words are exchanged, and a brawl erupts, which the Sons win. Afterwards, Jax meets up with Marcus to straighten things out. He explains that Lynn was responsible for Tara’s death, and that’s why he did what he did. Marcus says he wants the gun trade, which Jax plays hard to get with at first, but then agrees when Marcus says he’ll give up a piece of the drug trade in the Stockton Prison so the Aryan Brotherhood can have it. He also turns over Juice, as he doesn’t deal with snitches.

Juice ends up thrown in the same closet as Nero, and they talk for a bit, but Juice never tells him what’s up with Gemma. As the Sons & Marcus iron everything out, Nero is now let go. When he’s out there, he sees that they’re working on Gemma’s car, and finds out that Juice had it. He heads back to the bike shop where Gemma is, and she confesses she’s been helping Juice hide-out. Meanwhile, the Sons finally find the gang that ran a few members of the Grim Bastards off the road, and execute payback. They kill the whole group, then show the bodies to the members of the Aryan Brotherhood, in order to show them that they can be trusted. Afterward, they dump the bodies at a construction site in which August Marks is involved with, as earlier today Jax got word that Marks is looking to take the Sons out.

The show ends with Jax and the Sons collecting Juice, and walking out of the Mayans warehouse.

Review: Another great episode that the final season has to offer. Trying to follow every single road that this storyline is taking can be taxing at times, but it’s all coming together nicely. I believe we have 4 episodes left, and I can’t wait to find out what Jax does when it’s revealed that Gemma is the true cause of all of this death. In the previews for next week’s ep, we see Jax give Juice his cut back, and put him on some mission of sorts. Also, Jax has learned something of Gemma, which they try to make seem that it’s what really happened to Tara, but it’ll probably just be that she was helping Juice. Either way, great stuff, and I have a lot of faith in the remaining episodes.