This episode is called “The Old Switcheroo” and that is exactly what happens.  Some of the main crew switches bodies with a person they have a secret with.  They figure out the hard way that if one of the switched dies, the person they switched with dies too.  Needless to say, they’re anxious to uncover the source of this Trouble so they can fix it and get back to normal.  Vince and Dave are researching Dave’s origins.  Nathan is still trying to get Audrey back but it’s harder now that Mara knows Audrey is alive.

Where is Dave From?

Vince and Dave switch places first and it’s anyone’s guess as to what secrets caused the switch.  They seem to have so many.  Dave didn’t know Vince was in North Carolina at a café called “The Old Croatoan” until he landed in Vince’s body.  When Vince became Dave, he was puzzled by Gloria’s (the M.E.) inquiry of whether or not the information came in from Cincinnati.  Vince flies Dave’s body up to North Carolina so they can investigate together.  They go to an address that was in Dave’s adoption files and the resident is also the owner of the café.  Her name is Allison Doohan.  Surely that is no coincidence.  I also noticed that just before Vince and Dave switched, the café owner’s husband bumped into Vince in what seemed like an accident.  I wonder if that will be of any importance.  I may be looking into it too hard but I guess we won’t know until Part 2 airs.

Dave (as Vince) tells Allison Doohan about his search and that he is one of the brothers.  She says that her family has lived in that house for generations and she has never heard of adopted relatives.  Vince (as Dave) finds a number on a post-it at the café and finds out it goes to the psych ward in Haven.  That’s funny because the couple acted like they knew nothing about the place.  After talking with Dwight & Gloria, they find out that a long-time patient with the last name of Doohan is there.

It’s also interesting that when the brothers go back to the house the next day, Dave’s body starts leading him toward a “Thinnie” behind the house.  That is Mara’s word for thin spots (or doors) between worlds.  What is stranger is that the “Thinnie” is actually open.  I guess we have to wait until next week to find out why the door is there, why it is open, and if they go through it.

The Sheriff and the Medical Examiner

Gloria and Dwight switch places and that is probably the oddest switch of all of them.  What kind of secrets could they have from each other?  Are they personal or work-related?  It is funny seeing them act out the switch since one is a very large, muscular male, and the other is an older, shorter, and female.  Gloria has to do an autopsy with Dwight’s big hands and Dwight has to watch her eat everything under the sun in his healthy body.  Hopefully nobody shoots a gun near them because Gloria won’t know how to handle Dwight’s bullet magnet Trouble.

Nathan and Mara…and Duke – Same Ol’ Same Ol’

Talking to Mara as Audrey isn’t working anymore since she knows that Audrey is still alive so Nathan decides to step it up a notch.  He takes Audrey on a case to see if helping solve a Trouble will bring her out.  They go to the psych ward where a patient and an employee have just died.  The employee choked the patient and then the employee died.  Audrey came out long enough to tell Nathan that they must have switched places.  The autopsy Gloria/Dwight did shows that both men died from asphyxiation even though only one was actually strangled.

Back at the cabin, Audrey comes out during sleep and tells Duke and Nathan not to take her on a case anymore because Mara is getting suspicious.  Apparently it is easier for her to come out when Mara is sleep.  Duke stays with Mara while Nathan goes back to the Freddy (psych ward) to talk with the patient Jeffrey Doohan.  In the middle of him discussing the Colorado kiss with Audrey, he and Nathan switch.  That is how Nathan finds out about the kiss, but it doesn’t change him and Duke back after the secret is revealed.  Now Nathan will know how the pain feels for Duke and Duke will know how it is to not feel anything.  Duke (as Nathan) calls Nathan (as Duke) to warn him that Mara is acting like Audrey so not to let her loose.  Audrey’s account of the kiss in Colorado wasn’t quite right.  She was asking Duke why he stopped the kiss.  Meanwhile, Jeffrey Doohan, who is probably causing the switching, escaped while Nathan and Duke were switching bodies.


Did you know there is a Haven Origins web series?  You should check it out here.  They are only a few minutes each and move pretty slow, but they are supposedly showing us the beginning of the Troubles.

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