Before we catch the season premiere tonight, now might be a good time to review where we left off last season.  For those of you that have been unable to stay caught up on what’s been happening SPOILERS AHEAD.  

Previously on Arrow…

Basically all hell broke loose in Starling City and Oliver needed all the help he could get in his war against Slade Wilson.  With this in mind Sara enlisted the help of her former colleagues of the League of Assassins.  As if all of this hadn’t been bad enough, Amanda Waller threatens to nuke the city if the situation isn’t solved quick.  Thankfully, Oliver and company are able are able to neutralize Slade and his super-powered goons and Waller calls off her attack.  Slade is taken into Waller’s custody and sent to a very high security prison but it’s a safe bet we haven’t seen the last of him.

Oliver’s victory is decidedly bittersweet as Sara has rejoined the League of Assassins in exchange for their help against Slade.  Meanwhile Thea having completely lost trust in both Oliver and Roy decides to leave Starling City with her long lost father Malcolm Merlyn.  Both of these developments will likely have consequences this season.

Be sure to catch the season premiere tonight to check the aftermath of season 2’s thrilling finale.