Cyrus ask Olivia for a favor. The favor is to get Lisa and James Elliott to the state of the union address. These two are at the forefront of gun control. When Olivia arrives at the Elliot’s house she finds the two of them fighting, almost going to blows.  Cyrus still has Lizzie trying to get rid of David Rosen’s Attorney Generals nomination.

Mellie is at her sons tombstone. The media manages to get photos of Lizzie in sweatpants, a house robe and munching on chips at the grave site. Jake asks David for all of the information regarding Harrison’s death. David tells Jake that there was an investigation and any thought of foul play has been excluded. Abby snaps at one of the reporters who asked about Mellie’s mental health. Olivia goes on a talk show and makes a statement concerning Mellie. Abby doesn’t take this well, as this is her job not Olivia’s. Abby tells Olivia that she doesn’t even know what’s going on since she left. Abby tells Olivia that Huck and Quinn were humping like rabbits at the office. Fitz and Cyrus try to convince Mellie to attend the state of the union. Mellie is determined not to go. Mellie would rather sit in her robe and eat fried chicken.

David Rosen is getting dragged through the mud at his appointment hearing. Olivia and Jake are at odds because Jake booked a hotel room instead of living with Olivia. Jake has the files on Harrison. Lizzie has dug pictures of David hitting a woman (This was a blackmail that Olivia put Harrison up too). Addy wonders how this information got out as it was supposed to be buried.

Olivia has Huck and  Quinn babysit James and Lisa. Quinn talks to Huck in the bathroom about the way he is handling James. While they are in the bathroom, Lisa stabs James with a corkscrew. David, after talking to Abby about the old blackmail photos, feels that Olivia gets to do whatever she wants and still wins. David tells Abby that he is about to go win. David pulls a blackmail of his own. He blackmails one of the members on the hearing that will confirm his AG appointment. The blackmail works and the disgruntled congressman declares publicly that David is the man for the job. Lizzie hears this information which she doesn’t take well.

Olivia puts James and Lise in separate rooms in order to get along. Both of them do not want to attend the state of the union. Olivia recommends that they get a divorce. Olivia tells them that this will cause a big hole in their pockets from advances from books and speaking engagements. The two don’t exactly like this option as they are fame whores. Abby makes her pitch to Mellie as to why she should go to the state of the union. Abby tells Mellie that she needs to be a voice for families that have lost a child.

In a room outside congress. After preparing the Elliot’s. Fitz asks Olivia is his speech good enough. During Fitz’ speech he decides to throw what was written out of the window. Olivia advised him to talk about what people want to hear. Which is how is he and Mellie are holding up dealing with the lost of their son. Mellie is in attendance wearing a red dress. Jake is watching the footage that David game him on Harrison’s murder. In one of the videos he sees Charlie at a restaurant. After Fitz’ address Mellie goes to a another room and falls out crying.

Earlier in the episode Cyrus meets a guy (Michael ) at the bar. Cyrus and Michael go to a hotel room. They are about to do butt-stuff before Michael reveals that he is a hooker. Cyrus declines his services. Michael goes to a car where he meets Lizzie. He tells her that Cyrus is lonely. He senses that even though this night didn’t turn out as planned he will get in Cyrus’ pants soon. Olivia goes over to Jake’s room. In which she does get in his pants.