As an old-school WCW fan, the fact that the WWE is finally releasing a DVD about Sting is a huge deal for me. I was a WCW fan since they were a Crockett promotion and that all came from my love of the territories, specifically the Mid South region, of which I had the privilege of attending shows thanks to me living in Oklahoma. Of course, this all ties together as Sting got his start in the south and broke out in the Mid South with Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert.

The WWE Sting: The Ultimate Collection DVD is just a collection of matches, but there are occasional studio interviews with WWE superstars talking about Sting’s career, as well as classic Sting interview segments from both his blonde surfer days as well as his Crow days. The DVD starts out with Sting’s Mid South days. The first match saw The Blade Runners take on Brett Sawyer and Sean O’Reilly. Of course The Blade Runners were Sting and Ultimate Warrior, and it was clear at this point that Sting was better in the ring at the start of their careers, although both men were green.

From there, the Sting: The Ultimate Collection DVD moves on to Sting’s second tag team under Gilbert when Sting teamed with Rick Steiner, and it was clear that both men were vastly improved in the ring at this point. The match was against Ron Simmons (Farooq) and Mike Rotundo (IRS) and was a decent match.

After this, it was straight into Crockett Promotions and then to WCW. This is where Sting not only became a star, but also became the face of WCW. The first match on the DVD is Sting battling Ric Flair for the NWA world championship and the final match on the set is also against Ric Flair on the final WCW Monday Nitro ever aired. In between is a series of matches that pretty much reinforces how amazing the career of Sting was.

Highlights include his first major title win when he beat Mike Rotundo for the NWA TV title, one of his better matches against The Great Muta, his first world title won over Ric Flair, one of the matches in his incredible feud with Big Van Vader, and matches against people like Barry Windham, Steve Austin, Arn Anderson and Randy Savage.

The third DVD in the Sting: The Ultimate Collection set kicks in when the nWo invaded WCW and Sting ended up heading into the rafters. For those who were not around at the time, Sting did not wrestle for a year and a half during the lead in for his return match against Hollywood Hogan for the WCW world championship. That match, horrible ending and all, is also included. The DVD heads into the Wolf Pack era where Sting could actually have fun again and ends with the final Nitro.

One of the difficult sells when it comes to DVDs like this now is the WWE Network. With every pay-per-view included and the first two years of Nitro already there, it makes it a hard sell when those big time matches are all that is included. What makes the Sting DVD a great sell is the fact that matches here are from the old Saturday night shows, Thunder episodes and many more that fans won’t see anywhere else.

If you are a Sting fan, Sting: The Ultimate Collection is a must-buy. If you are a younger fan who never got to see Sting play during his heyday, this is a must buy. Honestly, if you are a fan of professional wrestling, you need to own this DVD.

Here is what I missed out on by reviewing the Sting: The Ultimate Collection DVD

Sting and Barry Windham vs. Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard (1/16/88), Sting vs. Vader (10/15/94), Sting and Hulk Hogan vs. Bruise Brothers (11/7/94), Sting and Lex Luger vs. British Bulldog and Jin Neidhardt (6/29/98) and a ton of old promos.

The Full Match Listing from the Sting: The Ultimate Collection DVD

  • Mid South: The Blade Runners w/ Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert def. Brett Wayne Sawyer and Sean O’Reilly (*)
  • SCW: Sting and Rick Steiner w/ Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert def. Ron Simmons and Mike Rotundo (* ½)
  • NWA World Championship: “Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs. Sting (** ½)
  • NWA: Sting def. Sweet Stan Lane w/ Jim Cornette (**)
  • NWA: Sting def. Hacksaw Butch Reed w/ Hiro Matsuda (** ½)
  • NWA TV Championship: Sting w/ Lex Luger and Ricky Steamboat def. Mike Rotundo w/ Varsity Club for first major title (****)
  • NWA: Sting def. Ron Simmons (***)
  • NWA TV Championship: Sting def. The Great Muta w/ Gary Hart (****)
  • NWA World Championship: Ric Flair vs. Sting – Sting’s first world title win (**** ½)
  • Sting vs. Dirty Dutch Mantel (**)

Disc 2

  • Clash of Champions: Sting def. Nikita Koloff (* ½)
  • Sting and Great Muta def. The Steiner Brothers (*** ½)
  • Sting def. Big Van Vader (** ½)
  • Sting, Barry Windham, Dustin Rhodes and Ricky Steamboat def. Rick Rude, Bobby Eaton, Larry Zbyszko and Arn Anderson (*** ½)
  • Sting def. Diamond Dallas Page (* ½)
  • Barry Windham def. Sting by DQ (***) – Sting used a strap
  • Stunning Steve Austin def. Sting by DQ (***) – Brian Pillman attacked Austin
  • Sting def. Ric Flair (***)
  • Sting def. Arn Anderson (night after the nWo Bash at the Beach night) (**)
  • Sting and Randy Savage def. The Nasty Boys (**)

Disc 3

  • Sting’s first appearance in black and white when he attacked the bogus Sting
  • WCW Championship: Sting def. Hulk Hogan (** ½)
  • Sting and Lex Luger def. Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage by DQ (**)
  • WCW Championship: Sting def. Kevin Nash by DQ (***)
  • Sting def. Scott Steiner by DQ (**)
  • WCW Tag Team Championship: Sting and Kevin Nash def. Harlem Heat (** ½)
  • Sting and The Warrior def. Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart by DQ (**)
  • Bret Hart def. Sting by DQ (**) – Sting wouldn’t release Scorpion
  • Sting def. Randy Savage by DQ (* ½)
  • WCW World Championship: Booker T def. Sting (**)
  • 2/3 Falls: Sting def. Jeff Jarrett (** ½)
  • Sting, Booker T and Goldberg def. Jeff Jarrett and Kronik (** ½)
  • Final Nitro: Sting def. Ric Flair (** ½)