Jax meets up with the leader of the 9ers, who says that 3 of Lynn’s parlors were hit by black guys. Jax plays dumb, and asks them if they were the ones who did it, to which he denies. HeĀ  says August Marks is pissed because he’s trying to make a deal go down to develop a housing project, but his partner is now MIA, and he’s afraid the investors are going to back out with all that’s going on between Lynn & the Sons. That partner turns out to be the Pastor that the guys killed the other day. However, the Pastor’s wife has Power of Attorney and can sign everything as well, but she’s missing as well. So, he asks Jax and the guys to find her.

First thing they dig up the bodies, search the phone, and find out that the Pastor was hanging with Tig’s ladyfriend, Venus Van Dam. They question her, and find out about a lake house she was once taken to. When they show up, Tig takes some buckshot to the left side of his stomach, as the shooter hops in a car and attempts to drive out of there. However, he ends up landing in the lake, with his mom in the backseat. Jax & Chibbs jump in to help, and after some discussion, promise them they won’t be hurt, so long as they sign.

Following this, Jax, Chibbs, and Bobby head for a meet with the Aryan Nation where they plan on selling them some of the heroin they stole from Lynn. On their way, two of the Sheriff’s deputies see them and decide to follow suit, this ends up badly for them, because as they observe the deal from a distance, some Aryan members sneak up and take them both out with machine guns. Lucky for the girl though, she took all the bullets to the vest, and survived.

Once they’re back at the club, they meet with the Sheriff to discuss the death of her two officers. Not much is said though, because one of Lynn’s guys show up and toss a grenade through their window. We also find out their guns have been stolen from the warehouse, and Lynn’s men are at Diosa, the brothel. When everyone arrives, Nero included, they find it’s far too late. Everyone there is dead.

Juice seems to be losing his mind, as he talks out loud to someone that isn’t there, and breaks down at the thought of being alone. It appears he’s either going to kill himself, or just let the gang do it. Gemma has developed a full on post-death relationship with Tara, as she discusses the boys heading to school, and what may come of their fates with her, when alone. The Sheriff shows up to Diosa to tell Nero that the assault charges from Sandy’s father have been dropped, and that he also spent a few days in the hospital, with a broken jaw and a few ribs. Once alone, Nero confronts Gemma about what went down with Sandy’s father, and says it isn’t good that Jax is doing things like this. Because he’s clearly at a point now where he’s doing such things for the simple reason it feels good.

Review: This was another great episode. One of the things that’s been missing from Sons for the past few years, is the humor that we saw in the beginning. This one had that familiar humor peppered in and out, and was quite refreshing. The episodes are getting even more engrossing as things start to unravel. Now that someone has ratted Jax out to Lynn, it’s going to pick up, and quickly. It’s only a matter of time now before Jax finds out that Gemma has been lying to his face this whole time, and expresses his displeasure.