War is here.  Ichabod and Abbie build their own monster to fight Headless.  Ichabod’s son, Henry, is still working towards bringing Moloch to this world and it seems he has some tricks up his sleeve that Abbie and Ichabod won’t see coming.  However, since Headless/Abraham is trying to make Katrina his permanently, she may have opportunity to get information the good guys wouldn’t get otherwise.  With Frank Irving (Orlando Jones) still locked up, the new sheriff becomes yet one more obstacle in the war against evil.

New Sheriff in Town

Much of last season, Captain Frank Irving was in denial of what was really going on in Sleepy Hollow.  He finally accepted it only to end up in jail after confessing to two murders so his daughter wouldn’t go to jail.  At the time he felt like “evil did it” wasn’t a good enough alibi.  Now we have to start all over again with the new Sheriff, Leena Reyes.  She seems to be a “no nonsense” kind of woman.  She used to deal with drug cartels and believes that her gained ability of not giving into fear against them will translate to success in Sleepy Hollow.  She is already causing problems for Abbie and team.  Abbie sent Jenny to the archives to load up with weapons for their next move against Headless.  Sheriff Reyes, being the newbie, was walking the grounds to get to know the place and found Jenny with a bag full of weapons.  Since she had already read her file, all she saw was an ex-con with a bag of weapons.  The Sheriff also does not understand why a history professor is needed and since she has no confidence in the decisions of her predecessor who was locked up for murder, Ichabod is locked out until she does her research.  Irving is now telling the truth about the murders and she sees it as a way to get out of jail and have it easy in the mental hospital.  So she is threatening to make sure he gets the less pleasant treatments like shock therapy.  The Sheriff also knew Abbie’s mother and knew of her mental issues so that does not help anyone’s case.  It seems there is more to learn about her knowledge of Abbie’s mother though.

Personally, I feel like they should go on and break the Sheriff in.  It’ll be too much time and effort trying to sneak around her to save the world.  She seems determined to get to the bottom of the decapitations and other Sleepy Hollow mysteries.  So I say let her.

Franklinstein’s Kindred

Katrina’s coven went to Benjamin Franklin to get a body strong enough to battle Death, which they called “The Kindred”.  He used the strongest pieces of deceased soldiers to build this body.  They enchanted the body but it didn’t work because they needed a body part from the horseman.  Luckily, last season Ichabod and Abbie got their hands on the Death’s head.  Abbie visited a beaten up Irving in jail and found out he put it in a bank.  This makes me wonder what kinds of things are locked in my bank next to my safety deposits.

Franklin preserved the body so it was intact down in the tunnels.  Abbie and Ichabod got the head and put the body together.  They were very hesitant about raising a monster to fight a monster, especially with Death’s head.  They don’t want him to get his head back and become even more powerful.  Ichabod did the necessary chant and the monster fought both Headless and the knight’s armor that Henry is able to control.  This allowed Ichabod to get away and save Katrina while Headless was busy fighting.

Abraham and Katrina

Before Abraham went off to his fight as Headless, he was trying to get into Katrina’s head, insinuating that Ichabod cares more about Abbie than her.  He tried to make it seem like Ichabod did whatever it took to get Abbie out of Purgatory quickly but left her there to rot.  She recognizes that it’s important for the Two Witnesses to work together, but it still all seemed to give her pause.

While tied up, Katrina makes a risky decision to stay with Abraham.  She tells Abraham that it would have always been him but she needed time and that is what Ichabod offered.  She tells him to let her come to him on her own instead of forcing her.  She knows that Abraham will follow her wherever they run to and countless people, including Ichabod or Abbie, may die as he tries to get her back.  When Ichabod comes to save her, she tells him to let her stay and gain information from the inside.  Ichabod reluctantly leaves her there.  When Abraham returns, he’s surprised to see Katrina still there, even though she was no longer tied up.  It seems like she has already won points by this gesture.

What about the War Horseman?

We can tell that this is going to be a tough fight against Henry.  While Headless/Abraham is motivated by his hatred of Ichabod and feelings of betrayal, Henry was born of a witch, is a Sin Eater, and is dangerously clever.  He is loyal to Moloch who he claims as his true father and who pulled him from the coffin after all those years.  Katrina may be on the inside now but I can’t help wondering if she is playing right into Henry’s hands.

At the end of the episode, Frank Irving is strapped down to a bed as the Sheriff comes in there with more threats of the treatments that will be inflicted on him.  He tells her that the end is near and he refuses pretend it’s not happening.  The lawyer his wife hired comes in with a court order and saves him from whatever treatments were in store.  The lawyer, Henry Parrish, has Irving sign a contract so he can help him.  Irving isn’t up-to-date on who the bad guys are and what they all look like.  His finger gets pricked as he signs the contract and his blood trickles onto it.  That poor man thought he was being saved.  This should be interesting.

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