The most dangerous person in the world is in Washington D.C. Lizzie. Guess what “WE” have to do…

The most dangerous person in the world this week is a bank. The Monarch Douglas Bank in Warsaw has been robbed. Red tells Lizzie that this bank funnels money from every criminal in the world. Lizzie and the rest of the FBI thinks that a ledger of the transactions went missing, but the bank reported that nothing was missing. While Lizzie and Ressler are at the bank, the bank manager tells one of his right-hand men that the “formula” was stolen and this could get them killed if not found.

Berlin sends Red a tooth from his ex wife (Jennifer). Lizzie tells him that Jennifer was placed in witness protection 10 years ago, and that seven years ago, the program lost track of her daughter.

Aram tells Lissie that a woman that worked for the bank, who was supposed to be there on the day of the robbery, was not there. When Lizzie asks the bank about the disappearance. They said that she must have left early and forgot to swipe her card. When Aram runs through the tape of the robbery, they notice that five people robbed the bank but six came out. They deduct that the last one was the woman named Kaja. When they go to find Kaja, her landlord tells them that the bank took care of Kaja. They bought her house and car, and she always has bodyguards around her. Lizzie and Ressler magically find Kaja and take her from the group of men that were “protecting her.” Kaja tells Lizzie that she was about to escape.

Worst Escape ever

Jennifer steals a bone from her meal to try to escape. She asks one of the men in charge of watching her if she can use the bathroom. As he unties her, she stabs him. Instead of running out of the house she goes to another room within the house. Berlin beats down the door to get in. Jennifer takes a lamp to break the window. Instead of jumping out of the window, she hides under a table. This would have been a good move had she not been caught.

It’s A Trap!

Ressler is questioning Kaja about her role within the bank. Kaja tells him that she has a photographic memory. The bank hired her to keep track of all of the illegal accounts that the bank maintains. One of these accounts belongs to Berlin. Berlin is upset with the bank manager and wonders if his money is secure. The manager assure him that he has nothing to worry about. While Ressler is questioning Kaja, Lizzie is speaking with the agent that has been helping them in Warsaw. The agent tells  Lizzie that he called for back-up until Kaja is safe. A group of armed men enter the building. The agent also tells Lizzie that Kaja is staying with them and not going to the United States. One thing turns to another and the agent attacks Lizzie. All this is going on while Ressler is talking to Kaja. Lizzie’s fight sets off a gun. The bullet breaks the glass that Ressler is in. Lizzie asks Ressler for help but he has a delayed reaction. The agent runs and Lizzie and Ressler pursue. The agent tells them that its over and his men are coming up.

Out of nowhere, Samar comes to save Lizzie and Ressler. She helps them get out of the building and get Kaja away. Lizzie, Ressler and Kaja are in a taxi. Kaja is bleeding and Ressler sticks a tampon in her to stop it. The taxi gets caught up in traffic. Lizzie and the gang steal a car in order to get away. They don’t trust the police because they do not know who is dirty at this point. Lizzie calls Red, as always, to save her and of course Red does.

The Highly Anticipated Meeting That No One Was Anticipating

Red calls Berlin to set up a meeting. The two meet in Coney Island. Red wants to trade Jennifer for Berlin’s money. This is money Red that has now after getting the accounts from Kaja. Berlin mulls it over and decides to set it up.

Lizzie tells Red that she froze the accounts that Red has of Berlin’s money. Lizzie doesn’t want to risk the lives of countless people that Berlin “could” harm in a terrorist attack. Red proceeds to go on with his meeting. Red makes the exchange with Berlin. Lizzie changed her mind and unfroze the accounts and everyone lives happily ever ever….until next Monday.


This episode seemed to drag on and was generally boring. It almost seemed as if there wasn’t much to recap. It would have been much better if Lord Baltimore could have been extended for two episodes.