Triple H and Stephanie McMahon open this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw. The Chicago crowd is chanting for CM Punk and Stephanie said that she doesn’t understand why “these people” chant for quitters. Then she said that it is because they are quitters too who won’t fight for their beliefs, take the easy way out and quit. She said that Dean Ambrose stealing Seth Rollins’ briefcase was sending a message to authority and no one will disrespect their company.

Paul Heyman is out. He said that Brock Lesnar feels disrespected that John Cena thought he could win and that Seth Rollins got involved and curb stomped Lesnar and attempted to cash in his contract. Heyman said that Lesnar has a problem that he needs to deal with when it comes to Seth Rollins or a problem he … Stephanie interrupts him. McMahon tells him to choose his words carefully, because if he is threatening them … Seth Rollins interrupts.

Rollins said that no one in The Authority told him to run in on the match and no one told him to curb stomp Brock Lesnar. He then said he thought Paul Heyman would respect what he did because he was being an opportunist just like Heyman has been his entire career. He said that he wanted to be the champion by beating the best and Brock Lesnar is the best. He said that Lesnar should be flattered and not insulted, but if he is then Rollins is sorry. Heyman told Rollins that it took a lot of guts, but if it happens again then Rollins will deal with Brock Lesnar.

Seth Rollins thanked Triple H and Stephanie McMahon for taking up for him but said that Dean Ambrose is not normal and thinks all this is funny. He then demands that Ambrose return the Money in the Bank briefcase right now. Ambrose came on the screen and said the Authority makes him sick, Rollins is no longer a real man and that if he wants it, he should come get it. Rollins, Triple H and Stephanie head back but John Cena’s music starts and he chases Rollins to the ring beating him up along the way. Rollins leaps into the stands and circles back around to Triple H and Stephanie to end the opening segment.

Backstage, Triple H sends Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury to get the Money in the Bank briefcase back. Could they be Triple H’s version of Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco?

Up next is a triple threat match for the Intercontinental Championship. Cesaro is out first for the match. He is then followed by the champion, Dolph Ziggler. The third man out for the match is The Miz with Damien Mizdow. This turned out to be a really good and long match. There was an awesome move where Cesaro was trying to flip Miz, but Ziggler grabbed Cesaro’s legs and went for the monkey flip, which sent Cesaro’s head into Miz’s crotch. The end came when Miz came off the top buckle but Cesaro hit his forearm, knocking out Miz. Ziggler then flew in and superkicked Cesaro and pinned Miz to win and retain his title.

Backstage, Noble and Mercury are still looking for Ambrose and are asking all the talent if they have seen them. Stephanie McMahon tells them that if they don’t find Ambrose then they are both fired. Miz and Damien Sandow head in and Sandow is talking for Miz, demanding respect. Triple H laughs at them, books Sandow to fight Sheamus tonight and then tells Miz that if he comes in and barks orders again, his straight to DVD career will hit the unemployment line.

Up next is a new Wyatt Family promo. This is just like the old Wyatt promos, this one had Bray Wyatt talking about how he found Luke Harper broken and then pieced him back together and fixed him. It was the old-school creepy Wyatt promos with horror cuts. Nice.

Up next is Rosa Mendes vs. Layla. Natalya and Tyson Kidd are at ringside. The entire commentator discussion is about Tyson Kidd and Natalya’s marital problems from Total Divas. Kidd spent the entire match with his headphones on, playing games on his phone. Layla beat Rosa and Natalya acted like it was because Tyson Kidd was playing games, which made no sense. That was stupid and really took away any meaning from the actual match.

Back from break, and Dean Ambrose is out to start the second hour of WWE Monday Night Raw. Ambrose slides a table into the ring and sets it up. He said that he was at the concession stand the entire time and actually waved at Mercury and Noble walked by him eating a hotdog. Ambrose said that he is going to sell items tonight, but not the Money in the Bank briefcase because it is priceless. Noble and Mercury come out to the ring. “They sent the cruiserweight division out to get me.” He tells them to come get it and they leave. “I forgot what I was selling these for, but I stole them all anyway” and then he threw all the clothes into the crowd.

Seth Rollins is finally out next with Mercury, Noble, Triple H and security. “Are you guys real security, because I could have sworn you were Rose Buds last week.” He tells Seth Rollins to take his case back and rolls out of the ring. Seth Rollins goes in to get it while Ambrose leaves through the crowd. Rollins opens the briefcase and it sprays green mist all over his face. JBL: “What, is Kabuki in there?” Mercury and Noble are cracking up and Rollins is pissed.

Mark Henry comes to the ring and apologizes again for losing to Rusev again. Just like with Jack Swagger, Bo Dallas is out to tell Henry how much he has let down America. He tells Henry to close the Hall of Pain and join the Hall of the Bolievers. So, it looks like every time Rusev crushes someone, that person will get fed Bo Dallas to beat. BO DALLAS BEAT MARK HENRY CLEAN with the Bodog!!!!!! Holy crap! Backstage after the match, Mark Henry attacked Bo Dallas and just kills him.

Brie Bella is out for an actual match next. Nikki Bella comes out before her opponent with a microphone. Nikki says the quitter is getting ready to wrestle in the same place she quit at. Nikki reminds her sister that when she quit, Nikki was the one who was punished by getting put in handicap matches. This is time for revenge and Brie Bella will fight Eva Marie and Cameron. The crowd starts random chants during the match. Unlike Nikki, who lost all her handicap matches, Brie Bella won this one by pinning Cameron.

Adam Rose and the Rose Buds are on commentary. Los Matadores are in the ring and El Torito is back. Slater Gator comes out to the ring for the next match and they have a mini-alligator mascot (Hornswoggle). Jesse Jackson is at ringside and Titus O’Neil hugs him (Jackson gave Titus an award this week for something). El Torito and Hornswoggle get involved and Heath Slater steals the win by using the tights. Titus slams Torito after the match and Hornswoggle pulls out the Gator Roll. Adam Rose is up and sends Titus out of the ring, Los Matadores hit their finisher on Slater and then the Bunny hits the five star Bunny Splash.

Rusev and Lana are out to the ring next. Lana showed that Rusev beat Big Show but Big Show was a sore loser and attacked Rusev from behind and knocked him out after the match. She then started to talk about how Big Show tried to intimidate an innocent woman … Big Show is out. He shows the footage of what happened to offset the “propaganda.” Rusev is talking now and said that he wants to shove his fist down Big Show’s guts and pull out his guts. He then said he will break every bone in Big Show’s body. He said he should pull a Big Lebowski and go down to knock out a White Russian. Rusev leaves. Big Show responds by yanking down the Russian flag from the rafters.

Backstage, Renee is interviewing John Cena. He said that he will team with Ambrose tonight to fight Randy Orton and Kane, but that Ambrose better not get between him and Seth Rollins. Ambrose shows up in the background. Cena asks if he has anything to add and Ambrose said he didn’t, except that when their match is over tonight, Seth Rollins is his. Cena said that if Rollins gets involved, he will cash in his beat down. Ambrose finishes things off by saying that no one takes food off his table, not even John Cena.

AJ Lee is out next for a match. Paige comes out next and said that her innocence when she started allowed someone (AJ Lee) to prey on her innocence in the name of friendship. As a result, Paige announced her new best friend, Alicia Fox. At one point in the match, AJ Lee came off the top buckle onto Alicia and Paige outside the ring. Paige distracted AJ Lee after that and Alicia Fox hit the scissor kick for the win over the champion. This was a non-title match. Fox hit another scissor kick and Paige hit the Rampaige after the match to leave AJ Lee lying.

The Wyatt Family promo aired with Bray Wyatt talking about Luke Harper again.

Sheamus is out next for his match with Damien Mizdow. The Miz is on commentary. Damien actually looked really good in this match. The end came when the action spilled outside the ring. Sheamus threw Mizdow into The Miz and then threw Mizdow back into the ring and hit the Brogue Kick for the win.

Hulk Hogan is out next. He is out there to promote the Susan G. Komen Foundation. After this, Randy Orton and Kane are complaining about fighting Seth Rollins battles for him when Stephanie McMahon comes in and tells them that people are saying the two of them have become soft and have lost their killer instinct. Kane asks if people are really saying it or if she is just telling them what they need to hear to get what she wants. She asks if it matters and walks off.

Dean Ambrose is out first for the main event. John Cena is out next. Kane is out next and Randy Orton follows for the tag team match. Basically, the entire match was Kane and Orton beating the crap out of Cena. He finally got the long awaited hot tag to Dean Ambrose who went nuts on everyone. Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds onto Orton and went for the pin but Seth Rollins ran in for the save and the DQ. Ambrose and Cena tossed Orton and Kane and Ambrose started beating up Rollins. Cena threw off Ambrose and started beating up Rollins. Ambrose threw Cena out of the ring and went back after Rollins, but Randy Orton was in with the RKO on Ambrose. Kane hit a choke slam on him and then Rollins it the Curb Stomp onto the briefcase. Cena was back in but Orton hit the quick RKO. Kane hit the choke slam and Rollins hit the Curb Stomp and then all three bad guys celebrated to end WWE Monday Night Raw.