As fans of Castle are well aware, the Castle Season 7 premiere airs tomorrow night.  For those in need of a refresher of how things went down last season, let’s review. For those of you that were unable to catch the episode back in May for whatever reason, SPOILERS ahead.

Previously on Castle…..

After successfully getting Senator William Bracken, the mastermind behind the murder of Beckett’s mother, arrested, Castle and Beckett are now free to go forward with their wedding as planned.  Unfortunately for the two, things didn’t sail as smoothly as they were hoping after Beckett is informed, at the last minute, that she is still legally married to someone else (how this managed to go unnoticed by Castle and Beckett for so long is beyond me).

While Beckett searches for her estranged husband (Rogan O’Leary) to get a divorce, she naturally stumbles onto a murder mystery.  After the kind of twists and turns that have come to be expected from Castle, Beckett is finally able to convince her long-lost spouse to sign the divorce papers, and the wedding is finally put back on track.

The couple’s joy is quickly proven to be short-lived however, when on the way to the wedding ceremony, Castle’s car is run off the road by an unknown driver and the police find the vehicle in a fiery wreck, with Castle seemingly nowhere to be found.

While I don’t think anyone actually believes Castle actually died in the wreck (the guy is the title character after all), what has actually happened to him and who is behind it is a genuine mystery.  Could it be Bracken orchestrating a revenge plot?  Is this be a setup for the return of 3XK?  Is it another government conspiracy?  Tune in tomorrow night on ABC at 10/9c for the Castle Season 7 premiere to find out.