This week the Contestants are woken early and brought to a pitch black lab, where MacKenzie greets them through a screen in horror movie fashion were they are given the challenge of making a scary clown character that incorporates their own childhood fear. The models this week are to be real clowns. After learning of their task, they sit in the dark and sketch by the light of their tablets.

The Assignments

  • George- Worms
  • Dina- Tornados
  • Cig- Dark Water
  • Damien- Spiders
  • Sasha- Old Dolls
  • Drew- Spiders
  • Stella- Monsters under the bed
  • Rachael- Cockroaches

Day One

The crew jumps right in bringing their childhood fears to life. Discussing what scares them sets the mood for sculpting their clowns. George runs into trouble when he realizes his sculpt lacks form, and decides that he has to tear it apart and start again, which will put him behind. Many have strong concepts, but get shaky critiques from Michael Westmore, making the Contestants nervous.

Day Two

Drew scales down the head of his spider clown, and Dina decides to go more whimsical with her character, starting a new sculpt. Stella enlists George to help her make polyfoam arms that will be reaching out of her clown’s wardrobe, ready to grab the ankles of unsuspecting children.Sasha creates a wig to resemble old doll’s hair, and George makes arms that look like slimy earth worms. The day is productive with no really drama.

Day Three, application day

The clowns arrive and they get to work on choreography. Special attention must be paid to ensure that their performers movements don’t destroy the makeup. George realizes in last looks that his body and face skin tones dont match, and is worried that if he can’t fix it he might be sent home. All are nervous as they head to the reveal stage.


The clowns take the stage, dancing and juggling, and do their best to be frightening. Stella’s Clown beneath the bed makes an impact, as all the Judges smile when it’s revealed. They are impressed by Cig’s dark water character, but not impressed by Drew’s spider clown. The hair punching detail on Sasha’s clown doll and Dina’s tornado inspired clown wow the Judges.


  • Stella
  • George
  • Rachael
  • Dina
  • Cig
  • Sasha
  • Drew

Winner: Sasha

Voted Out: Damien

Cig’s character was very reminiscent of the illustrations from the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series, and was executed incredibly well. I wasn’t as impressed by Sasha’s paint job, but the sculpture, hair and wardrobe were very well done.

I really believe though that in this challenge Cig should have won. It’s surprising that both spider concepts were on the bottom, being such a widespread fear, it’s sad that it didn’t inspire better work.