Greetings one and all, I’m Caliber Winfield, and this is your weekly Sons of Anarchy review & recap.

Jax continues his decent into a plan can only add badly, as he’s now going against the wishes of Damon Pope’s right-hand man, August Marks. August, being a business man, doesn’t want Jax plotting any revenge against Lynn and his gang at this moment. Of course. Mr. Teller is well into his plan, and refuses to listen. Likewise, the 9ers are upset that Marks won’t let them retaliate against the Mayans, and Jax feels that they should work together to edge him out. The current leader is interested, especially when Jax gives him half-a-key of heroin, free, to set up shop with. However, he has one guy trying to branch off, something that isn’t good for the 9ers right now. Jax agrees to take care of it, which he does by shooting all 3 guys in the back at a Mayan’s warehouse, making it look as if they were trying to rob them. This sets it up so that the Mayans can seek revenge on a few other 9ers who have planned to go wayward as well. Although the Mayans are fully unaware they’re pawns in Jax’s game. Once this is all said and done, the 9ers are now backing the Sons. Whether or not Jax plans to set them up to die for whatever cause or reason, remains to be seen.

Juice asks Uncer to help him facilitate a meeting with Chibs, in order to find out if there’s a way he can get himself back into the club. Chibs isn’t receptive to this, and tells Juice that his best option is to simply kill himself. At the same time, the new Sheriff has an APB out on Juice, and the club has her squash it, because if they were to pick Juice up, since he fears the club will kill him, he could spill a lot that would shut down the club for good. Meanwhile, the club met with one of Lynn’s associates, who said once he got to the house they called about, all they found was one body, and a key of their heroin. The club isn’t sure why there’s one body, and do their best to find out what’s going on. Bobby calls the leader of the Indian Hills chapter to get some info, but only gets a name. Clearly the guy knows a lot more, but whether he was merely a close friend or his son is still unknown.

At the brothel, one of the newer talents has problems with her father. He apparently feels he’s owed money for something, and constantly comes back to collect. Well, this time around, Gemma over hears and heads on in to interject. She tries to take the purse from him, which turns into a scuffle, in which she clocks him, and he clocks back. Nero sees this, and flies into a rage, throwing the guy into the wall before wailing on him a few times. Finally it’s broken up and the cops are called in, with everyone telling their side of the tale. Later that night, Gemma shows up to the man’s house, looking to mend any problem from earlier that day. However, once he invites her in, Jax takes it upon himself to be part of that invitation, and beats the guy down as the show draws to a close.

Oh, and the opening of the show saw the first scene shot under the new RedWoody production company. The scene was for a film known as Skankenstein. Sounds good to me.

Another great episode this week. Gemma is truly proving herself to be every bit as dangerous and psychotic as those who truly know her have feared. She has completely ruined this family, and the only way I see this series ending is with Jax killing her, after learning the truth, and then killing himself. He’s gone too far to the darkside, and has to know he’s no good for his children.

Boy, Sutter can’t let any of his characters be happy, can he?