Welcome Back Sleepy Hollow fans!  At the end of Season 1, we found out the Sin Eater, Henry Parish, is Ichabod’s and Katrina’s son Jeremy.  Abbie took Katrina’s place in purgatory and is now trapped there.  Henry buried Ichabod alive in the coffin where he was trapped before Moloch freed him.  Jenny Mills (Abbie’s sister) was forced into a car wreck by Headless and we don’t know if she is dead or alive.  Headless took Katrina.  Oh, and Henry is apparently the second horseman, War.

One Year Later

First we see Ichabod in the coffin and then fast forward a year later to Abbie wishing him a happy birthday.  The Sheriff’s department calls saying a historical society professor requested them specifically.  They quickly figure out that the Headless Horseman is there as they pass a headless body.  The professor has been killed and his office rummaged through.  Ichabod finds some papers in a secret compartment under a drawer and figures that is what Headless was looking for.  Ichabod tries to go after Headless but Abbie stops him so they can try to figure out why Headless was looking for research on Benjamin Franklin.  This is when we find out that both Katrina and Jenny are dead.

Apparently Ichabod was once Franklin’s apprentice (and was not too fond of him trying to prove he was the smartest all the time).  He finds a sketch of a key and flashes back to Franklin with the kite and the lightning.  It turns out his experiments had nothing to do with electricity.  He was trying to destroy the key.  Ichabod and Abbie go to where they have Henry locked up so he can do his Sin Eater thing and help them find the location.  So at this point I had many questions: “What happened to Katrina?  How did you catch Henry?  When do we get to learn about what happened over this past year? Will we spend the rest of the season going backwards in time to fill in the gaps?”  The duo talks in private about Jenny possibly knowing but took it to her grave.  They start to realize that something isn’t right with their memories.  Not long after, Henry breaks through his chains and reveals they were in some dream that Moloch cooked up so they would work together to find the location of the key.  They immediately go back to where they were trapped, Abbie to Purgatory and Ichabod to the coffin.  Henry goes to interrogate Jenny, who in real life is still alive.

The Key

We learned last season that a soul has to be replaced in order for it to leave purgatory.  This is why Abbie had to stay there so they could get Katrina out.  The key unlocks the door to purgatory and lets souls out without having to be replaced.  Moloch wants it so he can leave purgatory and release a demon army made up of all the souls in purgatory.  He wants to rule Earth.  However, he doesn’t know where it is which is why he was trying to use Ichabod, Abbie, and Jenny to find it.

Ichabod smelled sulfur while he was in the coffin and got an idea. He used a stick, cloth, gun powder, and a stone to start a fire and blast his way out (beat that MacGyver).  Jenny escaped but not before Henry was able to peek into her mind to get some information about where the key might be.  He saw another sketch book in her mind but doesnt know how to decipher the code. Ichabod and Jenny use what he learned from Franklin to decipher his codes and follow the clues to find the key first.  Back in purgatory, Andy Brooks helps Abbie, as a way to prove his humanity to himself.  He shows her Moloch’s lair and explains how to contact Ichabod through the mirror.  Ichabod and Abbie briefly talk.  He tells her that Jenny is alive and he is coming to get her.  She suggests he doesn’t come for her so they can ensure Moloch does not get out.  Of course he rejects the idea and reminds her that the Bible references two witnesses.  He tells her to find the amulet Katrina gave her to protect from Moloch.  She dropped it when running.  While she was looking for it, Ichabod came through the door.  He found her and offered her some water.  Trustingly she almost drank it until the real Ichabod yelled for her to stop.  If you don’t recall, you can’t drink or eat anything offered to you in purgatory or you’ll be stuck there.  Ichabod and Ichabod wrestle a bit and then he and Abbie run toward the door.  She slices his head off with a sword when he calls her “lieutenant” instead of “leftenant” the way he usually pronounces the word.  The real Ichabod and Abbie leave purgatory and the door barely closes behind them before Moloch could come through.  Then the key dissolves in Ichabod’s hand.

What about Katrina?

So the team is almost back together.  Ichabod puts their short-lived victory into perspective by commenting that his wife is being held captive by the horseman of death and the horseman of war is his son.  We don’t see a lot of Katrina this episode but she is indeed alive and with Headless.  He puts the necklace he once gave her all those years ago around her neck.  He then starts talking to her in his original human form as Abraham Van Brunt.  He was once friends with Ichabod and engaged to Katrina, but feels that Ichabod stole her from him.

So what’s Moloch up to now?

Moloch comes to Henry through a mirror and says there is a new plan to bring his reign on Earth.  A knight’s armor walks out of some fire and Henry is able to control it with his soul.  He gives it a sword and it holds it up as fire exudes from it.  War is definitely here.

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