Welcome back to Haven!  In the finale of Season 4, the main cast was all in the cave under the lighthouse.  Jennifer opened the door between worlds and William was shoved in.  Dave was drawn into the door but saved at the last minute by Vince and the other guys.  There wasn’t much time for rejoice because soon after Jennifer closed the door back, she fainted and Duke had blood running from his eyes and ears.  Oh, and apparently pushing William into the door was the final spark needed to bring out Mara.  Bye bye Audrey.  In this premiere episode, we get what I suspect is barely a glimpse of what Haven will be dealing with now that Mara is around.

How It Starts

The episode starts with some mystical blast coming from the lighthouse, causing it to cave into the ground.  The gang wakes up to find they have been split up and spread about with some being injured.  Dave seems to be injured the worst and Vince takes him to the hospital.  They all eventually catch up with each other except Jennifer Mason, who seems to be missing.  In fact, she does not show her face the entire episode, leaving us full of questions.  The last we had saw of her in the finale, she stopped breathing right after saying they should have never opened the door.


So we finally meet the infamous Mara, the woman who started the Troubles.  In the Season 4 finale, we got a glimpse of her charming personality when she said that Duke was as good as dead with a stone cold face.  She and William find the Troubles fun and entertaining.  This on top of the fact that Mara has retained the memories of all her personalities in the last 500 years makes her a very dangerous woman.  She knows how people’s Troubles work and isn’t afraid to use that knowledge to her advantage.  We see this when Dwight tries to sneak up behind her and she doesn’t bother to turn around to shoot the gun because she already knows that he’s a bullet magnet.  She easily hits him with three bullets and then tases him with his own weapon.  Ouch!  It’s a good thing he wears that vest.

Mara spends the whole episode trying to find what she calls “Thinnies” around the town.  These are the thin spots or doors between worlds.  She also tries to find Jennifer.  At first everyone assumes it’s so Jennifer can open a door to get William back, but apparently she just wants to send a message to him to let him know which “Thinnies” are open.  Since she remembers all her personalities, she is able be act like Audrey to suit her purposes.  In the first few minutes of the episode, she fooled Nathan into believing she was Audrey.  She lured him close enough for her to cuff him and bash him in the head with his own gun.  Since Audrey is a cop, she can easily ask questions around town about Jennifer without suspicion.  She also used her cop credentials to investigate a stock room in the café where she knew a thin spot was.  And to prove to us just how cruel she is, she killed the friendly pothead waiter after he led her there, for absolutely no reason.  Mara visits four of the doors before the end of the episode and they are all sealed, but we don’t know by whom yet.  Vince finds Dave’s map showing five doors.  The guys (Dwight, Nathan, Duke) each guard a door once they figure out that she is checking each of them to see if they are open.  One by one, Mara takes them down.  First she shoots and tases Dwight then beats up on Nathan (again), ending up with her holding him at gun point.  She doesn’t get to Duke’s door in this episode.

Since they haven’t found Jennifer and each door Mara goes to is sealed, the guys start to believe Jennifer must be doing it.  They figure she isn’t answering phones or letting them know her plans because Mara could track her easily with Audrey’s police resources.  Mara tells Nathan that Jennifer is not powerful enough to do that.  She is just a conduit between worlds.  We also learn from Mara that William hid the black goo, which is called Aether.  It is the essence of the void and holds everything together (or pulls it apart).  Nathan realizes she can’t give anyone a trouble without the goo.

This Episode’s Leading Trouble

Every episode has a Trouble that rises above the rest and gets the most attention.  In this episode, people start getting sewed up.  First eyes are sewn, then lips.  I suppose the episode was aptly named “See No Evil”.  At first, the main gang figures Mara is causing this Trouble.  It makes sense since she was making threats of bringing more Troubles and the first victim gets affected while at the area where the lighthouse used to be.  After the second victim, and Mara denying it was her, Dwight finds out that the Trouble hasn’t been active since 1929.  He talks with the family that used to have that Trouble.  They have three stuffed monkeys sitting on a shelf that have the familiar “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” set up.  Apparently they do the sewing.  He then learns that Duke’s grandfather was the prime suspect in the death of their ancestor Constance Barrow, in 1929.  This information along with finding out Duke talked to both victims right before they were affected, leads Duke to suspect he may be responsible for the Trouble showing up again.  Last season, after Audrey gave him his Trouble back, he started coughing up blood and weird things were happening.  William told him all of the Troubles his family (the Crockers) have wiped out, are inside of him.

The Big Questions

The episode dips our toes into a few mysteries to keep us guessing.

  1. We don’t know if the fifth gate is sealed since Mara hasn’t made it there yet.
  2. Where the heck is Jennifer Mason? Is she sealing the “Thinnies”?  Is she alive?
  3. What is Dave’s part in all of this? Suddenly Dave has a mass of secrets that even Vince did not know about.  Supposedly he’s encountered the doors before but we don’t know when or why.  Also, once they got to the hospital, Dave was put on morphine and was sleep the rest of the episode.  We get glimpses of his dreams (or nightmares) but don’t know what they mean.  The dreams are from his perspective in the cave with the gang, including Audrey/Mara.  Each person looks at him with a horrified look on their face as if he morphed into some monster or something.  That’s basically all we see each time so we don’t know what is going on with that either.

Predictable Nathan

Predictably, Nathan believes Audrey is still in there somewhere, despite Mara repeatedly telling him that she is completely gone.  He starts spouting about his great love with Audrey and she shoots him.  [I had to laugh when she shot him because as he was spitting out the words you could see his fury building and then BOOM, he was shot, spun around, and fell face down onto the sand.]  She tries to put a final bullet in him as he hoarsely says “I will always love you Parker”.  We see her visibly struggle as she hesitates to pull the trigger and then gets confused and disturbed that she is unable to pull it.  She finally just walks off, ending the episode.

My Two Cents

This was a good episode, but it was not as exciting as it could have been to be the premiere of the season.  However, with this being a 26 episode season, I’m sure there is much more excitement to come.

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