It looks like there will be no Dredd sequel.

Dredd failing at the box office in 2012 was a huge disappointment. The movie was great fun, but either the unfamiliarity with the character or the memories of the Sylvester Stallone movie doomed it to flop. Dredd made $13 million at the box office domestically and $35 million worldwide, which missed its budget by $15 million.

What hurts worse is that the movie’s failure means there will be no Dredd sequel, which is tragic because this movie got the character right and Karl Urban was awesome as the Judge. Luckily for producers, the movie did well on its DVD and Blu-ray release as people finally paid attention to positive word-of-mouth and gave it a chance.

According to producer Adi Shankar, that was too little too late and the Dredd sequel will not happen. However, he does have some good news and that is the word that they are planning on a short film with Dredd in the vein of what Thomas Jane did for The Punisher in 2012’s Dirty Laundry.

That is awesome because Jane was able to show what he thought a Punisher movie should look like, and did it his own way with no limitations thanks to the minimal budget. That short was also produced by Shankar

While Marvel did not jump on a new Punisher movie based on Dirty Laundry, Shankar said that was not the reason he produced that film. He called it a love letter to the fans of the character and that is what he plans with a Dredd short film.

Check out Dirty Laundry and then let us know if you want to see Dredd get the same treatment below.

Source: Reddit