Much Ado about a gun

The show starts with Kevin preparing a meal for him, Nora, Jill and Amiee. During dinner Jill brings up the fact that Nora carries a gun in her purse. Nora tells her that she doesn’t carry one anymore and that she doesn’t need it any longer. Jill keeps pressing the issue and Nora flops her purse on the table and tells Jill to take a look for herself. Jill doesn’t find the gun but is still skeptical.

Crazy gets crazier 

In the GR house Patti is laying out clothes for adults, children and even infants. When she is done she writes a note to Laurie asking is she ready? Laurie writes back that she is. Patti gives Laurie a pile of money in an envelope. Later on we find out that this money is used to buy packages of what “could” be human corpses. We are never told nor shown this, but when the delivery guy tells Laurie that “You people are sick” and it being the GR’s what else could it be.

Kevin gets worse

After Kevin’s big fancy dinner with Nora and the kids. Kevin falls asleep. When he wakes up, he is in a truck. Dean wakes him up. They both walk to a cabin where Patti is tied up in. Kevin doesn’t remember anything. Dean tells Kevin that this was all his idea. Kevin and Dean had a few drinks, stumbled across Patti and decided to tie¬†her up and take her to a log cabin somewhere far outside of town, where Kevin had went to camp as a kid. Patti is actually talking and dares Kevin to kill her. Kevin doesn’t want to. Patti tells him that when they get back she is going to tell everyone what happened and Kevin is going to lose his career and his child. Kevin leaves the cabin to figure out what he is going to do. When Kevin walks out into the forest he sees one of his police shirts hanging on a tree. Kevin looks around and sees a shirt hanging on almost every tree in sight. (We have our first answer of the series, we have figured out where Kevin shirts are…but not much else.) Kevin gets angry and start hitting the trees. Dean comes outside where Kevin is and tells him that their problem is taking care of itself. Kevin rushes in to the cabin and find Patti has a plastic bag over her head. Kevin tries to help her and Dean wrestles him to the ground. The two fight for a bit but Kevin eventually breaks free and punctures a hole in the bag saving Patti.

Jill hits the edge

Jill has her twin lackeys break into Nora’s house to find the gun. Jill wonders throughout Nora’s home and goes to her kids room. Jill looks under the bed to find the game trouble. She opens the box and finds the gun. Jill starts crying for no damn reason at all and storms out of the Durst house saying that it doesn’t matter anymore. Jill, Amiee and the twins decide that it’s a good idea to get high at a park littered with kids. While blazing up Jill has a bitch fit against Amiee. Jill asks Aimee did she sleep with her dad. Aimee tells her yes, I have no idea if Amiee was just trying to pull Jill’s chain or what but it sounds believable. Until Jill said that they fucked on a big pile of guns. Aimee subsequently moves out of Jill’s house.

Back at the cabin Kevin decides he is going to free Patti. He tells her that she will not get a chance to tell anything because he will. Patti says a bunch of garbled nonsense until Kevin spews Glady’s name. Patti is happy that Kevin remembers her name. Patti tells him that this was the point. Kevin ask Patti did they kill Gladys. Patti tells him that she didn’t mind and when it’s Lauries time, Laurie won’t mind. Patti does more babbling and asking Kevin does he understand? Kevin tells Patti that no he doesn’t understand and is about to walk out of the cabin. As Kevin is walking out Patti picks up a shard of broken glass and kills herself.

Back at the GR house everyone is wondering where Patti is. Someone writes a message about tomorrow and Laurie writes back that it is still on. Laurie sits in Patti’s chair looking at a book that had information on Nora family. Someone knocks on the door asking if they can stay there. When the door closes we see that it’s Jill.

HBO has renewed The Leftover for a second season. I am now in purgatory.