Sam leaves Sookie a Dear John letter, saying that he had to choose his new family over Bon Temp. With 6 seasons behind him, I thought this was a poor way to end his character’s story line. He deserved more as his character, so did his friends. I really didn’t like were they ended his story in general, it’s just a boring conclusion to an interesting person.

Jason, Jess, Hoyt & Bridget

Jessica tells Hoyt of their history, causing Hoyt and Bridget to split up. Hoyt punches out Jason after learning his part in their history. Jessica and Hoyt get back together, and Jason consoles Bridget. It seems unfair, yet again, that Jason take the blame and brunt of Hoyt’s anger over Jessica and his affair. It seems obvious where Jason and Bridget’s story is heading, tying their ending up in a neat little package for everyone.

Bill & Sookie

Jessica and Sookie can’t convince Bill to take the cure, making Sookie lash out at him, smacking him across the face several times. He says that he can’t explain why to them at the time. Later he tells Eric that he’s doing it for her, that she will never move on fully until he’s completely out of the picture. He asks him to convince Sookie to let him talk to her.

Pam & Sarah Newlin

Pam glamours the Yakuza left at the bar to guard over things, and plans to kidnap Sarah and pimp her out to the highest bidding vamps, with Eric of course.

Ginger Has Her Day

Eric comes back to Fangtasia, and tells Ginger that he is finally going to have sex with her, any way she wants it. She says its been her fantasy to take him on the throne. He reveals here that the cure makes you immune to Hep-V. She straddles him, and lasts 2 seconds before sliding onto the floor in orgasm, while he watches in dismay. This was a pretty funny way to, what I assume is, conclude Ginger’s  story line. Going campy over serious was the right choice for a character like Ginger, though I can’t for the life of me figure out why they picked a soft ballad like Fade into you by Mazzy Star to do it to. 2 seconds of Real Wild Child by Iggy Pop would have been hilarious.

The Yakuza

After Ginger’s 2 seconds of bliss, Eric goes downstairs and finds the Yakuza have Pam hostage in the basement of Fangtasia. Pam is strapped to a table with a stake dangling above her. They demand to know is Sookie knows about the cure. Eric tries to hold out on them, but in the end he buckles to save Pam’s life. They then ask where she lives.


The final scene, immediately after the Yakuza demand Sookie’s address, is Bill taking a deep breath and preparing to knock on Sookie’s door. Sookie waits nervously inside. Fade to black.

One episode to go, and very little time to really wrap up the Hep-V cure story well. I have no doubt that Bill will be saved, someone has to turn Sookie. Unless of course, he dies and she goes off with Eric (doubtful). Last episode Bill’s Hep-V was progressing so fast that they didn’t think he’d last until he got to Sarah Newlin, apparently he’s fallen into remission? The level of sickness has seemed to abate a little, which is a bit sloppy. I am hoping upon hope that the Writers will come through for us fans, after the end of Dexter, all finales look like a hot stove.