Jill is in the woods with her friends, they are playing a game where one sits inside of an old refrigerator to see how long they can stay in it. Jill wants a go round. Jill wants to beat the record. Jill sets the record. When her friends try to open the door of the fridge the handle breaks. Somehow miraculously Kevin Sr. comes running through the woods helping to get Jill out of the fridge. Kevin Sr. tells Jill not to tell her father.

Tom and Christine 

Tom is taking care of Christine. Christine is now about 8 months pregnant and sick. Tom goes to the store to buy her something for her cold. Tom gets a call from Wayne. Wayne asks Tom how much money does he have left? Tom tells him about 6K. Wayne tells Tom to take half of the money and stick it under a mailbox. Wayne wants this done now.


Kevin and Nora have been seeing each other for a while. Nora wants to bang Tom but it doesn’t happen. Kevin goes back home to find Jill and Aimee acting weird. Aimee pushes Jill to ask her dad something. Jill asks her father why did her grandfather get committed. Kevin tells her that he hurt someone. Jill tells Kevin that Kevin Sr. is not at the mental institution.

Kevin has the entire force looking for his father. No one has seen or heard from him. Kevin goes to Lucy’s house to see if his dad went there. Lucy tells Kevin that she hasn’t spoke with his dad in months. Lucy tells Kevin that she couldn’t get past the crazy.

Kevin goes back home and has a weird dream that Dean has trapped a dog in the mailbox. Kevin also sees Tom in his dream. Kevin wakes up to find a dog tied up in the back of his yard. He finds out from Amiee that Kevin brought the dog home. Kevin was also bitten by the dog in the process.

Tom’s findings

Tom places the money under the mailbox like Wayne asked. Tom watches the mailbox to see who picks up the money. Tom follows the man. Tom knocks on the hotel door of the man that picked up the money. Tom asks for Wayne and the man says that Wayne isn’t here. Tom knocks down the door and doesn’t find Wayne. Tom knocks down the adjoining door to find another pregnant Asian woman. After Tom shares his story,  one of them notice that they may not be the only ones. The Asian women pulls out a gun and shoots at Tom, hitting him in the hand.

Kevin Sr.

Kevin Sr, finally shows up at Kevin’s house. Kevin Sr. is fighting with the dog outside. Jill lets her grandfather in. Kevin Sr. is looking for a tranquilizer to shut the dog up. Kevin Jr. comes home and makes his dad handcuff himself. While driving Kevin also runs into a gang of the GR’s. When Kevin stops the car, his dad jumps out and runs, Kevin looses his father in the crowd.

Kevin discovers the money in his backyard and contacts Matt to see if he is with his dad. Matt tells them to meet at a restaurant. When Kevin meets with his dad. Kevins Sr. gives Kevin a old national geographic issue. Kevin Sr. has been trying to acquire 200 dollars in order to buy this magazine. Kevin Sr. tells Kevin that the voices have told him to do this. Kevin Sr. tells Kevin that this is his invitation and a bunch of other nonsense. Kevin doesn’t want the magazine. Kevin Sr. gets furious and starts ripping up the magazine. Kevin takes his father back to the crazy house. Kevin runs back to Nora and they finally get in their sex session. When Kevin returns home he finds the same magazine on the kitchen table. Jill ordered it for her grandfather.

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