Sookie & Bill

Sookie asks what Sophie Anne was going to do with her after Bill captured her. Bill reveals that Queen Maab was going to bring back all those with Fairy blood to their realm and close off all portals, forever blocking vampires from getting fairy blood again. Sophie Anne had intended to capture and breed Sookie if it turned out that she did have Fairy blood.

Lafayette & Lettie Mae

Lafayette and Lettie Mae are interrupted by the reverend as they dig up the yard Tara led them to in a dream. Lettie Mae convinces him to do vampire blood too to see as she sees. Tara leads them into the house as the family that currently owns it looks on bewildered. They flash back on a scene of Tara’s abusive Father breaking up Tara’s birthday party. Child Tara aims a gun at her Father, but loses her will and runs away. She buries the gun in the yard. Its the day her Father left and the day her mother starts drinking. In the dream state Tara tells her mother that she was sorry that she didn’t pull the trigger that day. She tells Lettie Mae that she was a good mother, bad stuff happened to her, that’s all. To forgive herself and to let her go.

Hoyt & Jason to the Rescue, a.k.a Goodbye Violet

Hoyt and his girlfriend get into a fight, ending in her going with Jason to rescue Jessica, Adilyn and Wade after Violet sends him hostage photos of Jess and Adilyn beaten and tied. Violet jump Jason on his way in, giving an eloquent speech on how no one  in history betrays her. She shows off her collection of perverse torture devices, and explains how she’s going to use them, but before she gets a chance, Hoyt enters and shoots Violet with a silver bullet, killing her instantly. Together they rescue Jessica and the others. In the aftermath, Jess introduces herself to Hoyt. Hoyt’s girlfriend seems more upset by the thought of Jess being Jason’s girlfriend, than the thought of Hoyt and Jess. Jason explains that he and Jessica aren’t together, and she’s relieved. Hoyt later confides his interest in Jessica, then follows up by visiting her and offering his clean blood to feed Bill, knowing that he’s her Master.

Sarah Newlin=The Cure

The show opens with Sarah Newlin surrounded. She surrenders herself, Eric grabbing her before the Yakuza can, causing a stand off between them. He bites her and lets her go, being instantly cured by her blood. The head of the Yakinoma Corp. explains that they have already synthesized a cure, but don’t intend to completely cure the H-vamps, only make a tonic that they will have to take continuously to survive. Very on par with corporate American big pharma industry ethics.

Eric shows Sookie that he has been cured. Sookie tells him about Bill and begs for the cure for him, Eric says he’ll help her get it for him, but not until the next evening. Sookie finds out that Sarah is the cure, and brings Bill to her, at the same time Eric is trying to extract blood from her for Bill. They tell Bill to drink, but at the last minute he says no, he doesn’t want her blood.


Part of me would love it if it were true and Bill were to get offed. The relationship between him and Sookie has always been too melodramatic for my tastes, I’ve much preferred the idea of her ending up with Eric. At least he’s good for a laugh every once in a while.

The conclusion (at least I assume the story line is concluded now) of Lettie Mae and Tara’s story was a nice surprise. I wasn’t expecting that, so I am impressed by the Writers. It makes me think that maybe one of them has had some personal experience in addiction and abuse, and the realizations that almost every abusive situation is only a spoke in a cycle. Abusers almost always were abused.

I would have liked to see more lead up to Violet being killed, her end seemed far too rushed. To have so much lead up to an event like that, then a quick death, it seems anti-climactic. Only 2 more episodes to go, not much time to tie up all those loose ends. Here’s to hoping the rest doesn’t feel as rushed to closure as her end did.