Not the breakdown…

The town has had enough

The episode began and revolved around one of the GR’s (Gladys) gettin stoned. Not high but actually stoned in the woods. Kevin wants to put a curfew into effect to protect the town. He takes up his case with the mayor, she agrees and holds a town hall meeting so that Kevin can pled his case in front of the council. Little did the mayor know, the town was pissed. Even our dog shooting friend came to the town hall to protest. Accusing Kevin and the department of trying to protect the GR’s and the GR’s possibly did this to themselves. Kevin’s plan backfired and the council voted down the proposed curfew.

Patti made it weird

After hearing about one of their own being missing, I have no idea how the news got to the GR’s so fast, but after hearing that one of their own was missing. The GR’s went to the woods to find her. Gladys was her name and of course she had no family. After the GR’s get back Laurie has a panic attack. Patti takes her to the hospital and the doctor tells her she had a panic attack. After the hospital visit Pattie takes Laurie to a hotel. Patti writes to Laurie to get some sleep. On the morning after Patti has laid out fresh non-white clothes for Laurie and leaves a note to meet her at the diner downstairs. Laurie puts on her new non white threads and finds Patti talking away and eating food. Pattie just keeps talking and even orders for Laurie, using her mouth! Patti tells Laurie that sometimes they need a day off, being that Laurie hasn’t talked in 8 months. Patti is giving Laurie a pass to say whatever she wants. Even after eating and hearing Patti yammer through the entire meal Laurie doesn’t break. Patti tells Laurie that she took Glady to this same place about a year ago. Just like Laurie is now, Gladys didn’t crack. Patti goes on about how what they are doing is hard and people can crack. Gladys cracked after her son died in Yemen. Gladys started crying around the GR’s and then Gladys crying turned public. Patties doesn’t want this to happen to Laurie.


Kevin brings in Matt as a suspect for the murder. After questioning Matt for the murder Matt wants to see the body in order to pray over it. At first Kevin says no, then later on he changes his mind. One of Kevin subordinates call ATF because the GR’s are a cult and ATF has been cracking down aka killing cults in droves. Kevin calls the man at the ATF and never gets a hold of him. Once Kevin takes Matt to see the body and it coming up missing. Kevin calls the ATF guy outraged. Once the ATF finally calls Kevin back, he tells him that if Kevin gives him the word, ATF can send in a team to exterminate the GR’s. After hesitation Kevin says no.

Yell at Your Dry Cleaners

Maybe the best moral of this episode is one that we can take and use throughout life. In the beginning of the episode. Kevin is looking for his uniform shirts. He asks Jill did she take them and of course she says no. Kevin goes to the dry cleaners and after a half assed attempt at looking for them, Kevin leaves. Later on when Kevin is drunk and about to get even drunker. He goes back to the dry cleaners after hours. The dry cleaners being close, but the employee, is still there but on the phone. Kevin demands that he open the door and look for his shirts. After the employee actually looking for the shirts this time. The dry cleaners finds them. So it all goes to show you that when you yell at people **it gets done. See ya next week!