The cast member start out the episode at Universal Studios, Hollywood on New York Street, the back drop for films like Sin City, and Dick Tracy. They are challenged to create an over the top crime boss inspired by the name of a real life gangster. For this challenge the crew will be working in teams of two.

The Teams

  • Doc & Stella – Leonard “Needles” Gianola
  • Gwen & Drew – Michele “The Shark” Sindona
  • Rachael & Vince – Charles “The Typewriter” Nicoletti
  • Barry & Sasha – Allie “Tick Tock” Tennenbaum
  • George & Cig – Tony “Big Tuna” Accardo
  • Dina & Jason – John “Peanuts” Tonolone
  • Keaghlan & Damien – Opal “Mack Truck” Long

After the pick is done, McKenzie introduces the competitors to make guru Doug Drexler, who created comic book styled look of the Gangsters in the 1990 movie Dick Tracy. He gives the crew advice on how to make a winning make up, and will be on the judging panel to help decide who nailed this week’s challenge.

Right off the bat Sasha and Barry clash, having very different ideas and directions where they¬†want to go. After a while Sasha gives in and they go with a rat faced gangster design, based on “Tick Tock” Tannenbaum’s legacy of squealing on his compatriots. Everyone decides on their concepts, and they head back to the work room.

Michael Westmore comes to critique, and Barry and Sasha find themselves in trouble. Westmore says that the concept of the gangsters title isn’t there. In the end they decide to include a ticking time bomb as an accessory. Rachael and Vince struggle with time on the first day, not getting any molding done by the end of day. On day 2 they continue to struggle, but everyone dives in and helps them clean their molds. Teamwork is the word for this challenge, and every rises to the occasion.

On application day, a lot of the make ups fall short of professional with rough seams, hard lines & hot glue everywhere. George and Cig’s make up seems to be the likely win.

The Judges are introduced and the stage walk begins. The Judges are pleased with George & Cig’s work. Neville asks, “What did they sculpt this with, a hammer?” when he sees Dina & Jason’s makeup.


  • Gwen & Drew
  • Keaghlan & Damien
  • Doc & Stella
  • Rachael & Vince
  • George
  • Sasha
  • Dina & Jason

Winner: Cig

Voted Out: Barry

The theme of this week was fantastic, a great new concept that we haven’t seen before on the show. It would have been nice if Keaghlan and Damien had researched their gangster, and done a female. It would have really set their work apart, being the only girl gangster on the stage. So many paint jobs looked muddy, with little contrast in skin tones. Cig & George’s character deserved the win, the fat suit was extremely well done. All in all I think that the Judges made the right choices this week.