Greetings one & all, I’m Caliber Winfield and I’ll be filling in for Ruby this week while she’s taking some much deserved rest. Hopefully I’m able to to deliver half as well as she does, and you guys don’t have to flood her inbox with emails begging her to never leave again. Enjoy.

On with the show…

Bill discovers he has Hep-V and attempts to get his affair in orders, especially since it appears his strain is far more aggressive than others.  While in their pursuit of Sarah Newlin, Eric & Pam have found themselves in the company of high-level True Blood execs and their pals, the Yakuza. Andy & Holly have a bit of a spat over how he deals with the discovery of his daughter & Holly’s son having themselves pre-marital relations.  Sookie & Jason spend the day together, while both dealing with their own issues. Sookie fears she’s the one who poisoned Bill, while Jason wonders what he’s to do with Violet & Jessica. Lafayette & Tara’s mother also spend the day together, but on another plane of existence as they both take V in order to find out what Tara is trying to tell them.

Bill Should Have Called Saul

Once Bill steps out of the shower & discovers he has Hep V, he attempts to make an appointment with a lawyer in order to get his affairs in order. However, because of the rabid numbers of infected vampires, there are no appointments, and he’s told be’d best just come in and wait. While on the phone, Jessica arrives home and over-hears Bill discus his sudden findings.

He arrives at the building to discover he has quite a while to wait as he takes a number. While waiting, he discovers that his infection is spreading rapidly, far quicker than any standard Hep-V. Once he’s able to be seen, he discovers things will not be easy. His previous will is not valid since he wrote it while he was vampire, and thus wrote it while dead. In order to get things set up for Jessica, he’ll have to adopt her, plus a myriad of other things that will take longer than he has. The lawyer says she can expedite things, but it will cost $10 million. Bill grows seemingly more & more annoyed at her lack of compassion and apparent greed, and finally just stabs her with a letter opener, creating a geyser of blood. It’s awesome.

Eric, Pam, and The Yakuza

Just as Eric has Sarah Newlin in his grasp, the Yakuza show up and ruin everything. He quickly gets revenge of them killing his girlfriend 30 years ago, and proceeds to rip the jaw off of one of them, then decimates at least 10 more, all while holding the jaw. Unfortunately he has to concede, as they have Pam. The Yakuza set them up in a room where they face a large bay window, ready to greet the morning sun.

The current CEO of Tru Blood, who happens to be besties with the Yakuza, works out a deal with them. It appears they’re both after the same thing, Sarah Newlin. Eric & Pam agree to a group hunt, with only one condition; Eric gets to kill her. They all come to an agreement, as Eric & Pam avoid the sun.

Parenting, Belleflour Style

Waking up, Andy overhears his daughter in apparent danger. He bursts into her room, only to find she’s in there, sans clothes, with her beau, having relations. Andy is the opposite of cool about this, and chases the guy out of the house, caring very little about the fact the guy is naked. Holly wakes up, and runs to her son’s rescue, as he and Andy’s daughter proclaim their love for one another amongst their parent’s hollering. Later, Andy & Holly sort things out, with Andy apologizing for over-reacting. They soon try and find the kids to sort things out, but are unable to locate them.

Sookie Is Tested For Hep V, Jason Deals With A Deadly V His Own, Violet

Jason arrives home after the party to find Violet there, all sexied up. She’s very doting towards him, saying that no only is he hers, but she is all his. Later, Jason wakes up to a phone call from Jessica, who asks him to bring Sookie over. He sneaks out of the house, unaware that Violet is wide awake, and anything but happy as she destroys her room. Once Sookie & Jason arrive at Jessica’s house, they receive the news, and Sookie reflects on being exposed to the exploding Hep-V vamps, fearing it’s her who infected Bill.

She makes the decision to get tested, and has Jason take her to the clinic. Once tested, her and Jason discuss the situation with Violet & Jessica, and come to the the conclusion that Violet and her psychotic, mid-evil ways have got to go. Sookie gets the call and the news is just as she feared. As Jason heads home, prepared to break-up with Violet, he finds she’s gone, and left a letter that does the breaking up herself. He thinks all is well, when it’s quite the opposite. Violet has found Andy’s daughter, as she’s held up at Fort Belleflour with her boyfriend. Using her trust, she convinces them to follow her into the dark.

Lafayette & Lettie Mae Don’t Chase The Dragon, They Chase The Tara

Once Lafayette arrives back at his house with Lettie Mae, he agrees to let her go on one more V trip, on the condition he goes with. Thinking he’ll be able to prove to her it’s all a trip, he ends up on her side, as Tara takes them on a adventure to their old house, and begins digging up the yard. Before she can truly reveal what it is she wants them to find, they’re woken up by the Reverend. Despite Lafayette backing up Lettie, the Rev lays down the ultimatum, it’s either the V or him. Not being one to abandon her daughter, Lettie sticks with the V.

A solid episode that was a little light on the action, and more about the drama. It was nice to see Bill lose control, as when he’s his normal self, and not a demi-God, he’s quite reserved and not quick to anger. Yet here he’s stabbing people left & right, and it’s rather awesome. I truly wish we’d get a spin-off series about Pam & Eric’s adventures before Shriveport, as they’re damned entertaining when together, especially when Eric is dressed like Ronald Reagan. The angle with Violet is really interesting, especially concerning what it is she wants with Andy’s daughter. While I wasn’t fond of her at first, now that the story has developed, her and Jason have become one of the more interesting aspects of the show.