Ever since Edgar Wright walked off the Marvel Ant-Man movie, anticipation for the film has dropped big time. It isn’t that Peyton Reed is a bad director, because he is a great director. It is just that Wright is one of cinema’s most talented young directors and fans wanted to see what he could do with a Marvel movie.

Well, things are starting to shake out when it comes to the film.

Reed is preparing to shoot, but Deadline reports that three cast members have now also left the project. Two of the actors – Matt Gerald (White Power Dave from the All Hail the King one-shot) and Kevin Weisman (Alias) – both had their characters written out of the script in the rewrites.

However, the third to leave is Patrick Wilson. The reason given here was “scheduling conflicts.” See, with Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man right before shooting was to start, the shoot had to be postponed. That didn’t work for Wilson and he has left the film.

Now, there seems to be something to be said about Wilson leaving a Marvel movie for something else, and honestly, it might be better for him since he signed on with the expectations of being directed by Edgar Wright. Or, maybe, he just couldn’t do it anymore.

On the good side, Corey Stoll (The Strain) has confirmed to Collider that he is in the movie and it is a really good script. So, there is that. Do you think there is something fishy about the exodus of actors from Ant-Man right before its shoot or is it just something that happens? Chime in below with your conspiracy theories.