There have been some pretty heavy rumors about what Edgar Wright was planning on doing since leaving Marvel’s Ant-Man movie. The biggest rumor was that he was going to adapt the Kolchak the Night Stalker TV show, which he has said he plans on doing some day. While that is coming, it isn’t what Wright is making next. He also isn’t making the Bad Robot movie Collider or his un-named horror movie next either. Instead, Deadline reports that Edgar Wright’s next movie will be Baby Driver.

Baby Driver is a movie that Wright has wanted to make for a few years now. He was going to make it back in 2010 but Ant-Man and The World’s End got in the way. But, this is good because it means it is a passion project and that is the best way for Wright to get back on his feet after the Marvel debacle.

Wright will make the movie with Working Title, and they describe it as “a collision of crime, action, music and sound.” It was, at one time, described as a “wild spin on the action and crime genre.” While Hot Fuzz was in the action genre, it was a buddy cop movie and this one sounds different, which is expected since Wright has not repeated himself yet (outside of making brilliant movies – every last one of them).

This will also be the first Edgar Wright movie to take place in the United States, story wise. The Cornetto trilogy all took place in the U.K. and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was in Canada. That will be an interesting change.

Anyway, for those fans who were blindsided when Edgar Wright left Ant-Man, it is time to start getting excited at the next original film by one of cinema’s finest young directors.