McKenzie Westmore opens the first Face Off episode with a theme for the season: Life and Death. Starting the episode at the Viviana Event Space, formerly Viviana Cathedral, the contestants are told that they aren’t on the show yet. The first challenge will serve as the final audition, and two will not make it to the official competition. The 16 challengers are given a box with a prosthetic that they must use, and a model to make up, with the theme of either life or death to incorporate. It is obvious strait away that a few of the contestants are not up to the challenge, while others find unique ways to make less than stellar prosthetics shine.

Half way through the time limit, McKenzie notifies them that there will be another part to the challenge. Before telling them what they will have to do she introduces Robert Englund (Freddie Kreuger), who gives the crew tips on how to handle the challenge. They are each then given an accessory to work into their character’s costumes (Broaches, fur, spiked cuffs, and other random items), and a few decide that they have to change their concepts completely to fit the prop.

Face Off

FACE OFF — “Life and Death” Episode 701 — Pictured: Robert Englund — (Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/Syfy)

Time is called, and the first Face Off judging begins. Those tasked with portraying death seem to come out ahead at first glance. The of the older contestants (Scott & Gabby) struggle the hardest, and both deserve to be sent home, their pieces just aren’t on par with the rest. Judging their make up, Glenn Hetrick & Neville Page,Ve Neil & Lois Burwell (The Fifth Element, Brave Heart, Lincoln), who will be taking her place on the panel when Ve will be away due to her work on the Hunger Games sequel.

Going Home:

  • Scott, Age 48
  • Gabby, Age 42-Loveland, Oh

Earned a Place on the Show:

  • Cig, Age 25-Los Angeles, Ca
  • Stella, Age 34-Brooklyn, NY
  • Damien, Age 24-Junction City, Ks
  • Keaghlan, Age 24-Oxnard, Ca
  • Sasha, Age 22-Los Angeles, Ca
  • Dina, Age 29-Chicago, Il
  • Vince, Age 42-San Diego, Ca
  • Rachael, Age 24-Los Angeles
  • George, Age 27-Panorama City, Ca
  • Barry, Age 33-Southborough, Ma
  • David ‘Doc’, Age 26-Orlando, Fl
  • Drew, Age 29-Pittsburgh, Pa
  • Gwen, Age 25-Swissvale, Pa
  • Jason, Age 27-Atlanta, Ga

Winner: Dina

Face Off

FACE OFF — “Life and Death” Episode 701 — Pictured: Dina Cimarusti — (Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/Syfy)

Face Off Season 7 opens on a promising note! Those that deserved to be voted off were, and those that deserved a chance to compete get to. I can’t wait to see what challenges they have in store for this season, and hope that having an overall concept wont become old a few episodes in. The colorful crew this time around all seem very capable, with far less obvious weak links, like last season.