The episode starts with Willa shouting that she will not go with Eric and Pam, that Eric has been a terrible maker. Eric stops her and agrees, then tells her of their plans to kill Sarah Newlin. Willa demands he release her if she gives up what she knows about Sarah. Eric agrees, he releases her from their bond. Willa then tells him that Sarah has a vampire Sister named Amber Mills. A Sister that no one else knows about, that lives in Dallas. Eric tells Ginger to prepare 2 coffins for travel to Dallas, causing Ginger to throw a fit. Ginger demands that Eric either take her to Dallas too or have sex with her. He does neither. Roll opening credits.

Sookie returns home to find Lafayette and James there waiting to comfort her. Lafayette tucks her into bed and promises to be there when she wakes. Sookie wakes in the night and looks out the window to see a man unloading things from a truck. She walks downstairs to find candles everywhere and a spread of food on the table. Alcide’s Father is there, as well as his girlfriend. They tell her that the whole town is coming for a party. She’s offended by their plan, saying that death is supposed to be a sad thing. Lafayette tells her that they need to celebrate life, it’s what Alcide would have wanted. Bill then arrives with flowers, and tries to comfort her as well.

In Dallas, Pam & Eric arrive at Amber Mills’ house. She has signs of Hep-V. She tells them that she’s the black sheep of the family, and that Sarah pays her every month to stay in the coffin. She asks if they plan to kill her, they say yes, she then says that they can count her in. She tells them that Sarah called her that morning asking for a place to hide, that she had just arrived in Dallas. She told her to F’ off, but knew that she would go running to their parents for help. Amber says that her parents would be at a Gala for Ted Cruz at the Bush Library, and that she is sure that’s where she would go.

Lettie Mae tells the Reverend that she wants to go to the party at Sookie’s, but he tells her no, that there will be vamps and alcohol there. That he has to do what’s best for her whether she likes it or not. When his back is turned Lettie grabs a bottle of Benedryl.

At the party, Bill is prompted by the survivors of the H-vamps toasting to life to remember the day that Lincoln called for war. His part protesting the war, telling the other men in town that it’s a fool’s errand, and being ostracized for it. Everyone at the party seems happy, save for Sam’s girlfriend, who seems angry and surly.

The Reverend falls fast asleep after Lettie Mae spikes his food with about half a bottle of Benedryl, letting Lettie Mae sneak out.

Lafayette tries to usher Lettie Mae out of the party, but Sookie asks her to stay and say a few words for Tara. Lettie Mae thanks them for raising her, and tells them that like Alcide, Tara also died a hero.

Outside Andy tells Jessica that her torturing herself over his girls keeps that pain alive for him too, he tells her that they both need to move forwards. He then asks her if she has a ring he can borrow, she gets excited realizing that it is to propose to Holly with. Jessica says that she doesn’t have one, but runs inside to ask Sookie, who gives him the ring that her Grandmother intended to give Jason to propose with. Violet says that she already knows that Jason is hers, she doesn’t need the ring prove it. Jason gives his blessing too.

Andy then goes downstairs and proposes in his clumsy way to Holly. She says yes.

James confides in Lafayette outside that Jessica neglects him, only giving him just enough to keep him hooked. Lafayette compares it to paying just enough on your credit card not to get it canceled. James agrees, saying that it makes him feel pathetic. After a bit of talking he and Lafayette kiss.

While getting dressed for the Gala, Pam notices that Eric is now in stage 2 of the Hep-V virus. She helps him cover the signs, crying. He tells her that she needs to accept that he is going to die.

Pete, the vampire that saved Arlene, hits on her. He says that she is the most beautiful woman he has seen in 300 years. Sookie tells him that she has been through a lot, so he needs to dial down the sexy. He says it’s okay, he can wait. Arlene then drunkenly says that she has to go tinkle, because she is a human. He snickers as she walks away. Jessica goes looking for James in the driveway, and finds him having sex with Lafayette up against a car. He tells her that he is so sorry, but she says that there is nothing for him to say and makes Jason resend his invitation to his house. Lafayette tries to comfort James, but James says that he just needs to be alone. Jason tries to comfort Jessica. Lafayette tries to apologize, but Jessica isn’t having it. He then tells her that she doesn’t even know James, that he does. He says that if she doesn’t love him, to let him go.

Sookie listens in on the town’s thoughts, and finds them all thinking nice things for once. Bill, outside, remembers more about his past, and helping slaves get to safety on the underground railroad. Sookie goes outside to keep him company, then returns inside after a tender moment. When she gets inside she overhears Lettie Mae thinking that she needs Willa’s blood, and that she is going to go get it. Sookie goes to warn Willa just as Lettie Mae stabs her. Lafayette drags Lettie Mae off, and says that she’s crazy. Sam’s girlfriend then bursts out and says that they are all crazy, then demands that Sam take her home.

While comforting Jessica in another room, Jason confides in her that Violet is “off”, and that he doesn’t want to be with her. He and Jess then proceed to make out, leading to having sex. Violet overhears, huffs on the other side of the door, then walks away with out them knowing.

At the Republican Gala, Sarah begs for her Mother’s help in the bathroom. Eric corners her Father and as he tries to glamour him for information, the Yakuza shows up with guns drawn. They ask where his Daughter is, and when he says he doesn’t know they shoot him in the head. Sarah and her Mother try to escape the bloodshed through the back halls. The Yakuza kill her Mother, she runs…straight into Eric. The Yakuza turn the corner and threaten to kill him, so he drops her and slays them.

Later that night in the bath Bill remembers promising his wife that he would come back after the war was over. He then gets out of the tub, walks to the mirror and looks at his reflection. He has the first sign of Hep-V. Fade to black.

A solid episode all in all. All the pieces are falling into place to end the show with Jessica & Jason together, as well as Sookie & Bill. I’m kind of sad where that leaves Sam, since his girlfriend isn’t terribly pleasant, but who knows, maybe she’ll kick it in child birth leaving him with a little shifter pup to take care of. I had previously thought that maybe Sookie’s blood was the answer to the Hep-V virus somehow, but since Bill fed off of her before they rescued Arlene and the others captured by the H-Vamps, that theory is blown. How will they be saved?