The Breakdown

Kevin has Patti in the police station and asks them (GR’s) not to attend the fundraiser for the new library. Patti doesn’t say that she will keep the GR’s away. Kevin tells her that he will not be able to protect them. Patti tells Kevin that there is no family. Kevin wants to know what that means. Patti takes down a picture of her and Laurie, places it on Kevin’s desk and leaves. Dennis tells Kevin that the baby from the manger from the church is missing. Kristen and Tom are still waiting for Wayne to contact them. Tom is getting frustrated because it has been six weeks. A crazy man approaches Kristen and tries to attack her. They leave and the man tells her that “I know what’s inside of you.”

Kevin goes to buy a baby to replace the missing baby. He changes his mind and has Dennis run back video of the scene. While talking to Dennis, Kevin’s car dies. Tom takes Kristen to the doctor. In the waiting room Tom asks Kristen what did she say to the man that attacked her. He asks if she told him that she was knocked up with Wayne’s baby. Kristen doesn’t remember. While having an ultrasound done, the woman doing the test sees the marks on Kristen’s stomach. She asks what happens and Tom tells her. The woman notices Tom’s hand (injured and bloody) and doesn’t believe them. She tells Kristen that she is going to keep her for test. The woman goes out and calls security. Tom tells Kristen that they need to go. Kristen hesitates and makes Tom say that this wasn’t her fault. Tom tells her but she doesn’t move. Security is coming to the room and Tom runs out of the hospital.

Jill has stolen the missing baby. Her and her friends have a party in the middle of no where and Jill wants to set the baby on fire. She backs away from the idea and tells her friends to go fuck themselves. Tom is sitting at the bus stop contemplating going home. He is talking to the phone that Wayne gave to him (with no one on it). Wondering why is he protecting Kristen. When the bus pulls up the phone rings. It is a recorded message about victims families that lost someone. Tom thinks that it is a prank from Wayne and laughs, he doesn’t get on the bus.

Laurie and Meg go to Kevin’s. Meg reads a letter drawn up by Laurie explaining nothing. Laurie is holding divorce papers. Kevin tells her that if she wants a divorce that she needs to ask for it. Not have Meg read a stupid letter. Jill comes home and finds her mom, Meg and Kevin in the room. Jill hands her mom her Christmas present and walks out. The present is a engraved lighter that says “Don’t forget me.” Meg tells Laurie that she should keep it and she will not tell. Laurie throws it away. One of Jill’s friends places the missing baby on Kevin’s doorstep.

Tom came back for Kristen. They are on a bus and the bus stops for a accident that happens ahead. There are a few dozens corpses on the ground covered in white sheets. Kristen yells to Tom that “they are all in white just like in her dream.” Dennis alerts Kevin that the GR’s are outside about 5 feet away from school property. Kevin decides to arrest them anyway. While they are being hauled off Kevin asks Patti. Where is everyone else?  The rest of the GR’s are stealing all the family photo’s while everyone in Mapleton is asleep. Laurie tells Meg that she is going to walk back. Meg walks past the sewer that she tosses the lighter down. Laurie reaches down into the sewer to try and fetch it out.

The Aftermath

Four down Six to go…