The show opens with Sookie calling Alcide’s Father and letting him know that his son has passed away.Followed by Jason calling Hoyt (who is working in Anchorage, Alaska on an oil rig), and letting him know his Mother passed away. Hoyt is crushed, blaming himself, his Mother having told him that she would die if he left. Opening credits roll.

Eric and Pam divert from their plans to fly into Baton Rouge, La to find Senator Finch, and ‘ask’ him if he has information on how to find Sarah Newlin, instead going to Shreveport to find Willa. They flash back to the days when they first arrived in Shreveport, where  they were met by the Magistrar of the Authority, who sentenced them to run a business. Originally a video store, it would become the vampire club Fangtasia. At the same time, the Authority made him the Sheriff of area 5, and warned that they are being watched by night by the Authority and by day by the Yakinoma Corporation (creators of True Blood) and their hired Yakuza.

Sookie visits Arlene’s kids and promises that she will help get their Mother back. Holly not able to remember where the H-Vamps had held them hostage has Sookie help coax the memory out of her.

Jessica is still not healing, and James is concerned. He says that she’s not healing because she’s not eating. He tells Bills so he can convince her to start eating again, apparently she stopped because of her guilt for eating Andy Bellefleur’s fairy Daughters. Sookie arrives and gives her a dose of tough love, forcing her to eat.

Still in the flashback, Ginger is hired, becoming Eric’s first fang banger. Ginger convinces Pam to turn the video store into Fangtasia, including providing the chair that would become Eric’s throne.

Eric and Pam arrive at Bill’s house, where Sookie, a few of the non infected vampires left, and he are preparing to go fight the H-Vamps at Fangtasia. Eric breaks the news to Sookie that he’s infected, and offers help in rescuing the captives. Willa expresses her rage at Eric leaving her when she was only 2 weeks made.

Sam, as a rat, sneaks into the basement of Fangtasia and warns the 3 captives left that pam and the other non infected vamps are on their way to save them. Before they get there, the H-vamps take Arlene up to feed on her.  Eric convinces them that he is one of them, using Sookie as leverage to get in. Once inside they bide time until the rest arrive, and a battle breaks out between the infected and the non infected.

Sookie stays by Arlene’s side while Arlene fights to stay alive. She can hear Arlene talk to Terry’s spirit, convincing her to stay. One of the healthy vamps comes and feeds Arlene his blood, healing her. Eric enters as Sookie is comforting Arlene, and gives her a nod letting her know that the H-vamps are defeated. He leaves with a sorrowful look…Fade to Black.

Finally the show feels like it’s getting going to me! I’m not even sure why,but this episode felt much more satisfying than the previous 3. I loved the flash back story with Pam and Eric, and how Ginger came to work with them, and appreciate the Writers fleshing out what is going on with Jessica. It’s the first episode of the season that felt like it had focus (last week especially felt like it needed some editing). Looking forward to next week, and where it will take us.