The Breakdown

Two investigators are looking to take down a Wayne Gilchrist Jr. Who is the leader of a semi-cult, Gilchrist likes underage Asian girls. The lead the investigator gives the green light. Feeling Gilchest is a threat to natioanl sercuity because he had connections in congress. A full ATFEC team storms into Wayne’s ranch and kills anyone isn’t a young Asian girl. One of the ATFEC solider runs through the ranch and corners a young Asian teen, demanding he tell her where Wayne is and threatening to kill her if she doesn’t talk. A gunshot rings out an and Tom shoots the officer. He tells the solider that she (Kristen ) is important. The two run away from the compound and hide into an underground shelter a few yards away from the camp.

Kevin is woken up by Amy and she tells him to come with her. She shows her a woman running and another man shoots at her. He then tells Kevin to watch your feet. Kevin is on fire from his feet to to knees. Kevin wakes up from his dream. His neighbors have burned clothes from a missing family member. Kevin helps to put the fire out. Kevin is seeing a therapist about the dogs killing the deer incident. The therapist talks about Kevin’s ex wife, Laurie for a minute. He then ask about the mystery man who shot the deer. Kevin corrects him that the man shot the dogs. Laurie takes Megan Abbott outside to chop down a tree. Nora Durst intentionally drops her coffee in the coffee house. Jill runs into her and notices she has a gun in her purse. Megan tells Laurie this tree chopping exercise is stupid and wants to know why she can’t join the cult. Laurie writes down that its not a cult. Tom and the Kristen go to a gas station where a woman bring Wayne too them. Wayne was in her trunk.

Dennis and Kevin go to the Pledge house to find the missing truck and its owner. Patty writes to Laurie that Meg is going to leave and to cut her loose. Lucy talks to Kevin about the way he handled himself at the GR’s house and about what he said to the shrink. Kevin places bagels into the toaster and they disappear. Lucy tells Kevin that he should have told the shrink that it wouldn’t happen again. Kevin says that he doesn’t know that it won’t because the dogs aren’t their dogs anymore.

Nora is conducting a benefit interview for the Patterson’s’ who lost their son as one of the departed, Charles. Jill and Aimee have followed her with Scott’s car. Aimee honks the horn after Jill. Jill got out of the car she was in to go look through Nora’s car looking for lotion. Jill runs back to the car and Nora comes out of the house and spots Jill. Dennis finds the truck in Kevin’s driveway. There is a dead dog and blood in the bed of the truck. Wayne is inside the gas station kissing a dead guy. Wayne tells Tom that he wouldn’t let him (the dead guy) do that when he was alive. Wayne goes to Tom to give him one of his patented “hugs”. Wayne feels the poison that Tom as gained by killing. Wayne wants to help Tom get it out. Tom declines. Wayne tells Tom that Kristen is going with Tom. Laurie goes to take something from Meg. Meg asks not to do this tonight. Laura tells Meg that Kevin was her husband. Meg gives Laurie something of her mothers.

Wayne tells Tom to protect Kristen. He makes Tom say that she is everything. Wayne takes Tom’s phone, breaks it and gives him a new one. He tells him he will tell him what is next when the time is right. Kristen and Tom get into the car and it will not start. Tom gets angry and Kristen tells him that Wayne said that everything will be ok. The dog killer comes to Kevin’s house to tell him about another pack of dogs. The man wants Kevin to come with him. He feels as if he is doing the lords work. Kevin tells him to take his truck. The man tells Kevin that he is done with it. Kevin goes to see his dad as Lucy leaves. Kevin’s dad’s “voices” ask him did they send someone to him. Laura gets told by Patty that Meg is gone. Meg is outside chopping down that tree and seems to take a liking it.

The Rundown

This show is unbearable to watch.