The Breakdown

A woman is talking on the phone while leaving the store with her baby. She turns around and her son is gone. The screen goes dark and we hear several people calling 911 to report missing people.

We find that present day is 3 years after the incident where 2% of the worlds population just up and damn vanished for no apparent reason. Even though this is the general basis of the show it will not be discussed and people don’t even seem to give a damn about it anymore. The shows writers doesn’t seem to give a damn anymore. Kevin is taking a nice jog and sees a man shoot a dog. Inside the GR’s (the Guilt Remnant) a woman wakes up. Those around her wake up from sleeping on the floor. A congressman gets into van to be blindfolded and driven somewhere. The congressman hands the kid driving the car an envelope full of money. Kevin is watching TV and there is a congressional hearing about the disappeared of the missing. No one has any answers. The Guilty Remnant, a cult dresses in all white and smokes an awful lot of cigarettes. One of the members sits down to eat slop and a woman writes names on the board. The board has the names of people who get to go outside and stalk others. The woman is upset because she can’t go. She writes to Patty, about being on the list and Patty writes back that she can go. Side note the GR’s don’t talk.

Kevin goes to a woman’s house to tell her that her dog died. The woman tells Garvey that she thought he when crazy. Kevin tells her that that was his dad. Flashback of Kevin’s dad running naked through the yard. Kevin rushed back to the station to catch a meeting that he is late for because they changed the time and did not notify him about. The congressman (Witman) in the van and the boy talk. Witman ask why is here he. Flashback of the guy seeing 2 people jump off a building in college. The guy tells Witman that he didn’t see the point. Lucy is leading the meeting to go over the security on Hero’s Day. Hero’s Day is to remember the missing people. Kevin feels that the GR’s will cause a problem. Lucy doesn’t feel the same way. Kevin thinks he GR’s are dangerous because they didn’t exist last year and now have the money to by a cul de sec. Kevin wants Hero’s Day called off. Lucy isn’t budging.

The van pulls up with the congressman. A man named Pete asks the driver were they followed and if he (the driver) got his phone. The driver says yes. The congressman is lead to a man named Wayne. Witman asks for his help. The drivers name is Tom. He brings a girl named Kristen a bag of gummy bears while she lays by the pool. Tom gets a phone call and ignores it, it’s Kevin, his dad. The GR’s are looking through photos and full files of people they intend to “watch”. The congressman leaves the room with Wayne feeling fully healed or whatever Wayne does to people. Tom is told someone else will take the Congressman back and Wayne would like to speak to him. Tom wants to know what it’s about but the woman that he is speaking with gives no answers. Kevin is having dinner with his daughter Jill and her friend Aimee. Kevin tells Jill that he doesn’t want her t go to the Hero’s Day. Aimee asks Kevin if her and Jill can go to a party at a boys house. Kevin tells them to have fun. 2 members of the GR’s stand in front of Meg (Liv Tyler) house and smoke cigarettes. Meg and her fiancee leaves. Jill is at the party and looks like she is not happy to be there. Jill is detached from everything and her find felt that this would help her. Meg and her fiancee about the wedding. Meg is not excited about the wedding but she tells her fiancee otherwise. The GR’s are outside of the restaurant watching them again. Meg’s fiancee goes outside to talk to them. In the oddest spin the bottle ever Jill has to choke a boy at the party. They both go to a room and Jill tells him that she doesn’t have to do it. They briefly talk about how the people who left aren’t coming back. Jill chokes that guy while he wacks it. Jill is cry’s as this is going on.

Meg and her fiancee are driving home. When they get their the same GR’s are at their house. Meg screams at them as to why they are there and slaps one of them. Jill walk out of the house and 2 guys from school ask her for a flashlight. Jill looks in the trunk and discovers the dead dog, Dudley. The 3 go to the park to bury Dudley. One of the guys thinks that some of the dogs went crazy on October 14 (when all the people vanished). Wayne comes into Tom’s bunk and tells him that he needs to keep Kristen safe and not to touch her. Wayne tells Tom that he keeps having a dream of his son saying that the leftover act like the event never happened. Kevin has a dream that he hit a deer. He gets woken up by Dennis. The parade is starting in 10 minutes and Kevin is late. Kevin goes to tell Jill that he is leaving and Jill isn’t there. Jill took Kevin car to go to the party. Lucy tells Kevin to do his job since he feels that the GR’s are coming. The GR’s gather and get ready to attend the parade. A man at the parade is proclaiming that the missing were not saints and the disappearance was not the rapture. Kevin tells the man (Matt) to that this is not the time for this. Kevin finds Jill. Jill asks about the dead dog. Lucy brings out Nora Durst after the statue is unveiled and the kids read the names of the people who are gone. Nora Durst lost all 3 of the members of her family during October 14th. The GR’s come to the parade holding a sign that says “Stop wasting your breath” The townspeople yell at them to leave. The town walks up to the GR’s and a fight breaks out and all hell breaks loose. Kevin and the police force breaks the fights up.

Kevin is at a bar, the TV is discussing the people who were lost. The TV flashes picture of famous people who went missing. They include The Pope, Shaq and Gary Busey. Kevin tells the bartender to turn this off. A woman asks Kevin where he was when the event happened. Flaskback of Kevin having sex. Kevin tell the woman he was cleaning out a gutter. Kevin sees the man that shot the dog. He stumbles out of the bar to try and stop the man. When the man pulls off, Kevin tries to pull out his gun but he drops it on the ground. When Kevin picks it up and looks up he noticed 2 male GR’s are watching him now.

Kevin goes to the GR’s house and asks or Laurie. The guy that opens the door says noting. Kevin asks him to point to the house, Kevin walks up to the house and beats up a mute security guard. Kevin asks Laurie (his wife) to please come home. Patty tells…or writes that he is not welcomed here. The security gets up and beats Kevin up. Kevin gets in his car and leaves. A cab comes up to one of the GR houses and Meg gets out. Meg asks can she stay there for a night or two. Patty actually talks and tells her she can stay as long as she wants. She tells her that Laurie will take care of her and that she will not speak to her (Meg) again. Both of the Garvey kids release a little bit of frustration. Jill picks the pieces of glass off of her mother face from the family picture. Tom jumps into the pool and screams. Kevin stops in the middle of the road because he sees a deer. He gets out of the car to ask the deer if he was in his house. A pack of dogs come out from nowhere and proceed to eat the deer. The man that shot the dog in the beginning comes up and tells Kevin that they are not there dogs anymore. He tells him that they were but they are not anymore. He ask Kevin if he has a gun, Kevin says yes. The man tells Kevin what is he waiting for. The man starts shooting the dog and Kevin joins in.

The Rundown

I will be clear and hold no punches that I don’t like this show. If you like Sci-Fi this show isn’t for you. It doesn’t try to answer anything about what happened it just goes on to show the lives of people that are still here. Which would be OK if you can get over that 3 million people just up and left. If you like Lost this show is for you. But don’t come running, crying in disappointment after 5 seasons (no Movie lol) to figure out that everyone that were left on earth are actually dead and the 3 million people that left were the true survivors of some stupid conclusion like that.