Great news for all the BBC Sherlock fans out there, as Collider reports that in the immediate absence of season four there may be a special Sherlock Christmas episode of the hit series to slake our appetites. While the news is by no means confirmed, Martin Freeman himself revealed what the Sherlock production team has in mind, with filming to start at the beginning of 2015 for a Christmas air date.

Considering that Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are so much in demand these days – and with full schedules to show for it – and season four of Sherlock very likely at least two years in the offing, it is gratifying to hear we may see more of the dynamic duo of Holmes and Watson sooner rather than later. You can thank the dedication of the actors and writers to the show for their continued excitement about the series for every increasingly unlikely episode that we get, especially given Freeman and Cumberbatch’s involvement in the increasingly epic Hobbit trilogy and the pair’s various individual projects – not to mention how busy Steven Moffat is running Doctor Who, from which we certainly don’t want to distract him.

When we last left our heroes, of course, Sherlock was saved from an almost certain death by exile when his nemesis James Moriarty appeared to return from the grave with a threatening message for London. Meanwhile, John and wife Mary are expecting a bundle of joy in the near future. While the Sherlock Christmas episode might address some of these hanging plots and questions (especially the arrival of Baby Watson), it’s likely the Moriarty plot will be mainly left for a full season, with perhaps a Sherlock Christmas mystery followed by the set up for season four being the main plot of the special. But then again, we might be getting ahead of ourselves. After all, confirmation is yet to be made. I, for one, am ever hopeful.