This was bound to happen eventually. Most are not aware of the Japanese Horror-Thriller Audition in the States, and if you are, chances are you took a break from dating for a long time. This by far is one of the scariest films you might ever see, so of course, America has to ruin it with an English-language Audition remake. Right? Yep.

The original which was directed by cult favorite Takashi Miike, told the story of a widowed man looking to move on and find love again. A friend of his sets up a faux ad for a movie audition, but they’re actually screening potential new lovers for him. An innocent young lady wins his heart, and well… you can pretty much guess where things head from there. I’m a huge fan of the original’s slow-burn story telling, slowly unraveling the scares to the point of absolute dread by the time the conclusion strikes.

The studio has hired a relatively unknown filmmaker by the name of Richard Gray to direct the Audition remake. Will he approach the subject matter in the same way as Miike? It’s hard to say, but I’m not sure if I feel confident in this remake as of yet. He has a lot to live up to in order to match the disturbing nature of the original.

What do you think? Should there be an English language Audition remake? Chime in below!

Source: Deadline