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Honestly, if I did one word reviews that would be the perfect word to use for the conclusion to Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s Locke & Key stories. The sixth and final book in the series, Alpha and Omega, was not only a fantastic read but it was also a perfect ending to one of the best comic books – no, scratch that – best stories I have ever read regardless of format.

I really liked all the books in the Locke & Key series, some better than others, but Alpha and Omega was the perfect payoff and made me so happy to discover the series and follow it through to the end. If it sounds like I am gushing too much over it, that is just how good it is. Seriously, read the entire Locke & Key series because Alpha and Omega makes the entire journey worth it.

When we left the Locke kids, the demon Luke possessed Bode and left the youngster as a ghost with no way to warn his family. When Alpha and Omega starts, Luke has all the keys and – within the first few pages – starts to wreck havoc and kill people. No one, not even Tyler or Kinsey, knows who is to blame. While Rufus learned the truth, the way he went about trying to solve the problem got him locked up.

Things looked bleak and then things got worse. Luke’s plans were revealed and he set out to do something that no reader could have expected after following the story to this point. By the end, he had killed 45 kids and it was only the Locke children who had the keys to stop him – literally.

Locke & Key: Alpha and Omega

That was the setup to the giant battle that was to take place in the pages of Alpha and Omega. It was clear that there would be casualties, and there were. However, what makes this conclusion to the Locke & Key story so perfect was the resolution – and honestly – the redemption of the characters we have grown to love throughout the book’s run.

There really weren’t many people who didn’t get a good send off – and that includes Luke, someone who was pure evil – but was not always that way. Tyler went from being a kid who was angry and full of venom in the first issue of Locke & Key and grew into a man who was smart enough to figure out a way to save everyone he could. Even if someone was fated to die, Tyler found a way to offer them redemption at least.

This entire Locke & Key series was a truly horrific comic and one of the best I have ever read. However, at the end of Alpha and Omega, it was not about the horrors of death but the redemption of everyone and it was Tyler who saved them all – from Luke to his father to his living family members to his little brother Bode.

Locke & Key turned out to be one of redemption for Tyler most of all. He started out angry and confused, but by becoming a hero, he achieved the ultimate redemption himself. This was Tyler’s story, from start to finish, and Locke & Key was one of the best redemption stories ever made. I can’t give this a higher recommendation.

Get these books and read them cover to cover. There isn’t a comic out there that is more rewarding.

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After completing this six-part series of Locke & Key, we will take a break for the next few weeks and knock out some one-shots. Next week we get started with Joss Whedon’s Fray.

Locke & Key: Alpha and Omega