Fangoria has long been one of the best magazines when it comes to horror movies, so when the news hits that one of Fangoria’s long time writers has directed a horror movie, it really makes one take notice. The writer/director is Joseph O’Brien, the movie is Devil’s Mile, and the world premiere has now been scheduled to take place at the Fantasia International Film Festival on July 26.

Devil’s Mile tells the story of a trio of kidnappers who take an ill-advised detour en route to deliver their hostages – two teenage girls – to their mysterious and powerful employer. David Hayter, who wrote the scripts for both The X-Men and Watchmen, stars in the movie as one of the kidnappers and Frank Moore (from David Cronenberg’s Rabid) stars as the crime boss who set the entire deal up.

Devil’s Mile will also get its DVD and VOD release shortly after the world premiere and you can purchase it using the link provided here. For information on where and when the film screens at Fantasia, check out the event’s official website.

Also make sure to check out the Devil’s Mile trailer embedded below and let us know your thoughts about the upcoming horror movie.