It seems this is the week of movie rumors instead of straight up movie news. This latest bit comes from the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie set. It seems that some LexCorp scenes were shot over the weekend and Jesse Eisenberg was seen on set as Lex Luthor. Not only was he not bald, but he had wavy dirty blonde hair.

Fanboys can feel free to clutch their chests and cry out in pain and agony now. When you are finished spewing the doom and gloom of the Warner Bros. treatment of Superman, we can continue this conversation.

In the original comics, Superman was responsible for Lex Luthor’s lost hair. In the New DC 52, he was not. In Smallville, Lex was bald. In Richard Donner’s Superman, he had hair – although it was a bad toupee. Lex Luthor does not have to be bald at the beginning of his story. As a matter of fact, it is better if he has hair at first and then loses it.

I say this as a fan of the comics.

There is also the fact that Batman-News reported these facts and then said that the scenes they are shooting actually take place near the beginning of the movie, so the hair might go sooner than anyone might have expected. Well, confirmed the report of how Lex Luthor looks at this point in the movie.

Also confirmed about the scenes shot is that Lex Luthor is the arrogant, conceited and superior acting jerk that Superman fans have always known him to be. Give me someone a little more like a mix between Michael Rosenbaum and Kevin Spacey and nothing like the schmaltz of Gene Hackman and I will be happy.

The next bit of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice news/rumors circulates around the characters showing up in these LexCorp scenes. Holly Hunter is in the movie, and reports are that she is a U.S. Senator. There is also someone working at Luthor’s right hand named Mercy. Of course, in the comics, Mercy Graves is Luthor’s assistant and body guard. She will be played by Tao Okamoto, the Japanese actress who played Mariko in The Wolverine, which makes the news very cool in my eyes.

So, how does the latest from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice sound to you? Will they do Lex Luthor right or will this be a huge disappointment?