Hello my fiendish friends, it’s a very special Friday for this diabolical dame! What’s so special about it you ask? Well, it’s my Birthday! To celebrate I’m going to tell you a little story, one that isThe Omen told to me on this day every year by my dear maniacal Mum. Just before she went into labor, she went to see our Fiendish Flick of the week, The Omen. When her water broke on the 6th day of the 6th month, she panicked! She pushed harder than hard, and nearly gave herself an aneurysm in fear of giving birth to the anti-christ. Her pushing paid off, yours truly was spawned into existence at 5:58 pm. Though I may be a little devilish at times, the anti-chrisis was averted. The world is safe…for now.

The OmenPlaying on the fears of young Mothers to be first started (as far as I can tell) with one of my film favorites, Rosemary’s Baby, in 1968. Not long after came this little gem, starring Gregory Peck, Lee Remick, and Harvey Stephens in the leading role of Damien. Peck plays Robert Thorn, a United States Ambassador, along side Remick in the role of his Wife, Katherine Thorn. In the hospital Robert is told that their Son was stillborn, but it’s okay, because they just happen to have a spare laying about! His wife need never know. After a little convincing he agrees to the swap, and the couple bring home a new baby boy. The fun really starts around Damien’s 5th birthday, when his infernal influence starts to bloom. You’d think that frothing at the mouth at the mere sight of a church my be a good sign that your kid just might be baby beelzebub, when he starts Instilling deadly devotion in his Nannies, and wariness in the hearts of the Priests and the devout, Daddy finally starts to catch on. Too bad it took a body count to realize that the kid just ain’t right.  The Omen

I find it interesting that despite being non religious, religious horror can still play on fears.  Near the top of the list of best cinematic birth control, The Omen makes girls like me think twice about hearing the pitter-patter of little hooves anytime soon.

That’s it for this week, my horror loving hell hounds. Until we meet again. -Ruby