The episode starts at the wall in the pub, one of the whores complains to Gilly about her baby crying. As they talk Gilly hears the town being invaded by the Wildlings, Tormund and Ygritte lead. Ygritte finds Gilly hiding with her baby, and spares them both.

Back at the wall, Samwell worries, believing that Gilly must be dead. Jon Snow and the remaining Night’s Watch discuss being outnumbered.

Missandei confides in Daenerys that she caught Grey Worm watching her while they bathed in the river. Daenerys is surprised that he was interested, being that the Unsullied are castrated. They both admit to being curious about if the castration was in total (the pillar and the stones).

Grey Worm comes to Missandei and confesses that he believes that she is precious. That he is sorry for staring while she bathed. She tells him that she is glad of it.

Ramsay Snow verses Theon in how to infiltrate his own home land. He Makes sure that he is under no illusions of being who he once was, now he is only Reek.

Theon rides to Moat Cailin on the Iron Islands, telling them that Lord Bolton kept him captive after Winterfell, and that he sent him to treat with them in good faith as their fellow Iron Born. He says that Lord Bolton implores them to abandon their fortress that they are too weak to hold, that they will be granted safe passage. The Captain of the guard tells him that only a broken man would speak that way, or a woman. That they will not surrender. As he speaks, Theon starts to tremble, but before he breaks, one of the other men at the hold plants an axe in the Captain’s skull and accepts, surrendering. He asks Theon if the paper says that if they yield they live. Theon says yes.

In the following scene the same man’s head is on a pike, body flayed under it.Ramsay says to Theon, you didn’t really think I’d let them live, did you? Theon asks if they can go home now, Ramsay replies, I believe we will now, to our new home.

The Lords and Ladies of the Vale interrogate Little Finger about how Lysa met her end. They demand to speak to Sansa about the matter. He tells them that her name is Alain. She apologizes to Little Finger, saying that she is sorry but she has to tell the truth. She then tells them that she is Sansa Stark, that Lord Baelish has told many lies, but that they were all to protect her. That he saved her life. They promise that her secret is safe with them. She tells them that Lysa committed suicide, falling through the moon door out of jealousy. Little Finger convinces them that they should back Robin, Lysa’s Son, to support the Starks instead of the Lannisters.

A child gives Barristan Selmy a scroll, he brings it to Jorah Mormont, it’s a pardon from King Baratheon. He asks Barristan if he’s told Daenerys yet, he wants to tell her alone. Selmy says he will never be alone with her again.

Daenerys asks why the usurper pardoned him. He says that Tywin is trying to drive a rift between them.He admits that he sent Varys information about her, admitting that he told them that she was carrying Drogo’s child, but he kept her from drinking poisoned wine. She says that he still betrayed her from the first. He begs her to forgive him, he says that he has loved her. She scoffs and says that she does not want him in her city, dead or alive. That if he does not leave immediately she will have his head thrown into Slaver’s Bay.

Ramsay Snow presents the flag of Moat Cailin to his Father, who seems stern and asks Ramsay to walk with him. When they are alone he presents Ramsay with a scroll, he declares him his legitimate Son, he is now Ramsay Bolton. Ramsay swears that he will prove himself worthy of the honor.

The Hound brings Arya to the Eyrie to sell her to her Aunt. when they arrive they tell him that Lysa died 3 days ago. The Hound stares in disbelief, Arya busts out laughing, looks at the Hound and laughs even harder. Not knowing that Sansa is inside, they don’t continue on.

Little Finger tells Robin that he needs to stop worrying about his death and start taking charge of his life. Sansa then enters, she is dressed like Lysa, hair darkened as well. She says, “Shall we go?”

Tyrion is led to the ring where Oberyn will fight The Mountain for his freedom. Oberyn says to The Mountain, I am the brother of Elia Martell, you raped my sister, you murdered her, you killed her children, confess. He repeats it over and over as they battle. Oberyn stabs The Mountain through with his spear, as The Mountain lays on the ground Oberyn shouts at him that he cannot die with out confessing. He screams for him to say it, and say who gave him the order, pointing at Tywin. Before he turns back to look at him, The mountain smacks Oberyn’s leg, knocking him to the ground. He then punches him, knocking out all his teeth. He confesses to raping and murdering Elia and her children as he presses in Oberyn’s eyes and smashes his skull with his bare hands, popping it like a grape as the crowd looks on in horror. All except Cersei who smiles. Tywin says that the Gods have made their will known, that Tyrion is sentenced to death. Tyrion stares at Oberyn’s remains broken and in complete shock.

Well that was graphic! Dear Zod, just watching The Mountain kill Oberyn was painful. The scene made me wish even harder for Shae’s death to be a bloody one, as she looked on and flirted with Oberyn during the fight. Somehow at the moment I find myself despising her even more than Cersei. I learned to accept long ago that George R.R. Martin spares no one, no matter how much you like them, still I am sad to see Oberyn die. He was spunky and I loved him.