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The end of Crown of Shadows saw the Locke kids discover a brand new key, which really set them up for a huge fight that is coming their way. However, first things get really weird.


Honestly, there are not many comic books that can get away with what Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez pull off with the next few issues in the series. Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom consists of a series of one-shots that kind of takes a major detour from the main storyline.

Just when the big key has been found, we get quirky stories about the Locke kids.

The first one is an amazing homage to Bill Watterson as Rodriguez does his best impersonation of Calvin and Hobbs in this story about Bode. He even homaged the headless snowman. In this issue, Bode finds the Animal Key and becomes a bird, while Zack uses it for more nefarious purposes.

The next story concentrates more on Kinsey as she finds the Skin Key and isn’t in time to stop Zack from killing again. The third story focuses on Tyler and his attempts to play high school hockey, where he ends up using the Hercules Key after he fails to stop his siblings from recklessly using theirs in the open.

The next issue heads over and focuses on Rufus, Coach Whedon’s autistic son and this is where we learn that his little toy soldiers might be holding a secret of their own.

Finally, after four issues that seemed to almost stop the action in its tracks,  all hell breaks loose. This is where Tyler realizes who the demon really is and the huge battle starts. It is rare that a series of comics can take this long of a break with what amounts to standalone issues, but not only does Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom pull it off, but it makes readers more invested in the kids when the battle starts up.

Deaths occur, there are betrayals and the Locke kids fight the biggest battle of their lives. However, just when it looks like the battle has been won, the final panel has a twist that tells the audience that there is still another battle to fight.

Next Week’s Preview

Locke & Key: Keys to the Kingdom ended with the Locke family thinking the war with the demon was over, but what Tyler and Kinsey didn’t realize was that someone else was inside Bode’s body and the battle was just beginning.  Up next, Locke & Key: Clockworks.

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