Welcome to the first issue of the re-designed Renegade Rack. Of course, this used to be a column that alerted you to what was coming in the world of new Blu-ray releases. That stumbled and has been put on the back burner. If it comes back, expect it to have a new title. However, the Renegade Rack is now something completely different – and much cooler.

We know that Renegades like more than just movies and TV shows. We are geeks through and through and have an immense love for all things geek – including comic books. Once upon a time, Jesse Blume wrote a fantastic column centered on comics called Most Heroic. Sadly, life got in the way and he had to stop that endeavor last November. Since then the comic coverage here has been lacking.

Well, that is where I am stepping in.

Starting next week, Renegade Rack will pull a different collection off the comic rack and review it for you here at Renegade Cinema. These will not just be regular comics that you might know everything about. Sure, I will be delving into Marvel and DC Comics from time to time, but I also want to focus on things more on the fringe – something more than just Men in Tights.

comic booksYeah, early reviews might include a Dark Knight Returns here and an Identity Crisis there, but I want to go deeper than that. I want to bring back memories of comics you loved as a kid, comics that made you really appreciate the form of comic book and graphic novel storytelling, but I also would like to maybe introduce you to something you haven’t read yet.

This all starts next week when I start off with the awesome Joe Hill series Locke & Key. This won’t be me reviewing a comic book – I will only tackle actual graphic novels and talk about the story arc in that novel, as well as how it ties in to what came before. I will hit all the Locke & Key books and then head on to American Vampire after that. I actually will probably deter in the middle there to talk to you about the awesome Terrance Zdunich Molting books as well.

I do want to take a break here and say that if you know a book that I should review, throw it out to me either in the comments or drop me an email. If you are a comic book creator, and have a collection you would like reviewed, contact me as well and I would be more than happy to consider it.

So, until next week, keep reading and we’ll kick things off with Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft.

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