Game of Thrones: Mockingbird

Jaime berates Tyrion for messing up the deal he made for him with Tywin. Tyrion says that he couldn’t sit and listen to Shae lying, or to give Tywin everything he wanted. Tyrion wishes for Jaime to be his hand in battle, but settles on Bron, asking Jaime to find him to fight for him.

Cersei asks Sir Gregor (The Mountain) to fight for her, a huge man who slays at will.

The hound and Arya find a farm that has been burned and ravaged. The farmer lays dying, his belly run through with a sword. They offer to put him out of his misery. After conversing with him, The Hound finishes him off. He tells Arya that that’s where the heart is, that’s how you kill a man. As he’s speaking, another man jumps on his back and slices his neck, not a killing strike. The man says it’s because there’s a price on his head. The Hound replies, that’s what happens when you tell the King to F*$ck off. The villager tells them that Joffrey is dead, that the price on his head is 100 silver, for killing the king’s guard. Arya recognizes the man as one who had threatened her at King’s landing, asks his name, then runs him through with her sword.

Jon Snow returns to The Wall, Thorne threatens to kill his wolf if Jon doesn’t lock Ghost up. Jon warns that Mance Rayder’s (the King beyond the wall) army is closing in, and that they should block the tunnel, but Thorne scoffs. When they ask how they would go north, Jon tells them that they wouldn’t. The Night’s Watch cries out that he is a coward, that they will not cower and wait until the storm passes. Jon warns that the bars would not stop a giant, but Thorne scolds and brushes him off. Making a joke of him, Thorne orders Snow and Tarly to take night duties on top of the wall until the full moon. (When Jon Snow warned the invading army would reach them.)

Bron visits Tyrion in his cell. He is dressed in finery and tells Tyrion that he is to be wed. A match that Cersei arranged. Bron asks what Tyrion can offer him for risking his life against The Mountain. Tyrion has nothing that can top what Cersei has offered him not to fight, so he refuses to be his champion.

Daenerys finds  Daario Naharis waiting for her with flowers in her chamber. He asks a favor, he says that he wants to be able to do what he does best, pursue women and fight. He asks to be sent abroad to kill her enemies. She tells him, “Very well, do what you do best, take off your clothes.” He complies, as she sits and watches, amused.

Stannis’ wife Celyse enters The Red Woman’s chambers, and finds her bathing. She tells Celyse that R’hllor, The Lord of Light told her that she would have her last good bath in a long while that night, and to make it count. Melisandre then tells her is was a joke, and Celyse apologizes for not getting the humor. Celyse wants her daughter to remain as home, but Melisandre says that it is necessary that she go with them, the lord needs her.

Jorah is put off, seeing Daario leave Daenerys’ chambers. He tells her that he doesn’t approve or trust of Daario Naharis. She tells him that she is sending Daario to Yunkai to take back the city for her, and ordered him to kill all of the masters. Jorah tells her that he was once a slaver, but Ned Stark gave him the chance to change. She concedes, she will send the Son of the master that asked to bury his Father to Yunkai, and have him explain what happened in Meereen. They will have a choice to change as Jorah did. Give up slavery or die. They can live in her new world, or die in their old one.

The Hound laments ever laying eyes on Arya, saying no reward is worth the trouble he is going through, as he tries to sew up his neck wound. Arya tells him that he needs to burn the wound so it wont get infected, but he refuses. He doesn’t want anything to do with fire.  He tells her how it was his Brother that burned him. She washes his wounds with booze and sews him up.

Brienne and Pod learn that Arya is alive. Pod convinces her that they should go to the Eryie to find Sansa, and possibly Arya.

Oberyn meets with Tyrion and tells him that he will fight The Mountain for him. He wants justice, The Mountain killed his Sister, he will kill The Mountain.

Sansa argues with her Cousin Robin, resulting in her slapping him. Little Finger promises to keep her Aunt’s temper in line if Robyn tells on her. He admits to loving her Mother, and that is why he killed Joffrey and protects her. He then kisses her, not realizing that Lysa saw him do it. Lysa calls Sansa to the moon door. Lysa flies into a jealous rage, and holds Sansa over the opening. Little Finger comes and rescues Sansa, promising Lysa that he will send her away. When she lets Sansa go, he tells her that he has only loved one woman his whole life, her Sister. He then shoves Lysa out of the moon door, plummeting to her death.


Okay, I know he’s a bad guy, but I kind of love Little Finger. He remains one of my favorite Game of Thrones characters. Oberyn is also high on the list. This episode went quickly, but was full of awesome scenes, culminating in crazy Lysa learning to fly. It’s hard not to grow more and more sympathetic to The Hound as the story goes on as well. Great episode all in all.